Artists From Around The Globe Express Concern Over Russian Invasion

Artists from around the globe have taken to social media to express concern over the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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We wanted to bring those voices together here, so we could commiserate together.

Yoko Ono:

“Tonight at 8 pm in Iceland the city of Reykjavik lights IMAGINE PEACE TOWER to show solidarity with Ukraine and emphasize the call for peace. Remember, we are all family. Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE, Imagine PEACE. Together, we will shift the axis of the world to PEACE.”

Mickey Guyton:

“We are in some scary times. Praying for peace and understanding. Praying for Ukraine. Praying for all the innocent lives that are at risk. I just don’t have the words right now. Just know I’m here sending love to you all.”

John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting:

“Months ago @michaelgwaltz spoke to the geopolitical consequences of a weak and feckless america who abandons its citizens and allies to Taliban terrorists. As we watch Putin @KremlinRussia_E murder innocent civilians in Ukraine, the first domino falls.”

Pussy Riot:

“sanctions against Kremlin were not solid enough when Putin annexed Crimea in 2014. so he jailed Navalny, turned lives of Pussy Riot and other Russian activists into hell, forced many of us to leave our home behind and run, and now he started a war in Europe. when is enough?”

Gene Simmons:

“Our hearts and minds are with the brave people of @Ukraine. You are not alone!”


“It’s time we stop referring to these rulers as ‘leaders'”


“Anti-war Russian protests on Saint Petersburg, Russia #StopWar#Ukraine

LeAnn Rimes:

“I’m angry today… angry and sad. My heart hurts for the people of Ukraine, for the people of Russia who do not wish for war, for Trans You in Texas, for the LGBTQ. community in Florida… if you aren’t saying WTF is going on, you’re not paying attention!”

Bette Midler:

“FUCK! It looks like that prick has declared war.”

Miley Cyrus (and Mark Ronson):

“This morning was heartbreaking waking up to the news that Ukraine had been invaded. I had the most incredible experience filming “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” in Kyiv and will be forever grateful to the local community who welcomed me with open arms. There are local reports that at least 40 Ukrainians have been killed already, and this conflict can lead to many more deaths, another refugee crisis with so many forced to flee their homes, and more. I am standing in solidarity with everyone in Ukraine who is affected by this attack and will our global community who is calling for an immediate end to this violence. ”


“Why Ukraine’s Important 2[US].Putin’s despot,trump Hero,& If Given Chance Putin Will Devour Sovereign Countries,Till He Resurrects USSR. .This Will Leave Europe,Small & unprotected.Russia,China,Saudis Want 2 Bring[US]2 Its Knees,& C Perfect opportunity.They C Hate,Division,Weakness.”


“Don’t fight, let’s unite. #YOSHIKI#DontFightLetsUnite

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