7 Best Guitar Strap Locks of 2024

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Protecting your musical instrument while you perform or practice is paramount. To keep their guitar secured when standing, many guitarists rely exclusively on their guitar straps, believing that it'll be enough to sustain the weight of the instrument as they move around the stage.

Often, this approach ends in tragedy: a sudden movement, or simply the unrelenting force of gravity, can make the guitar fall, compromising performance and, in the worst-case scenario, the sound of our musical instrument.

It's incredible how many musicians ignore the importance (or even existence) of guitar strap locks. These are small, inexpensive items that will keep your guitar safely attached to your strap and give you the peace of mind you need when playing live, in the studio, or with your bandmates.

With this article, we’ll take a look at the purpose and importance of guitar strap locks, which ones are the best in the market, and how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

Our #1 pick is the Schaller S-Locks due to its exceptional durability, ensuring worry-free performance and protection for your instrument.

Quick Summary of the Best Guitar Strap Locks

  1. Schaller S-Locks (Best Guitar Strap Locks Overall)
  2. Dunlop Straplok (Best Guitar Strap Locks—Runner-up)
  3. D'Addario PW-SLS-02 Universal (Best Inconspicuous Guitar Strap Locks)
  4. Fender Infinity Strap Locks (Best-Looking Guitar Strap Locks)
  5. Miwayer Guitar Strap Locks (The Best Affordable Guitar Strap Lock)
  6. Ernie Ball Super Locks (Best Eye-Catching Guitar Strap Lock)
  7. Eison Guitar Strap Locks (Best Affordable Guitar Strap Lock—Runner Up)

Best Guitar Strap Locks

The list below includes various items that can help you securely strap your instrument. Prices range between $3 to $25, and although we're talking about relatively inexpensive items, musicians can often secure their electric guitar even with one of the most affordable options.

Before you choose a guitar strap lock set, make sure you buy one that's compatible with your instrument. While strap locks are highly compatible with most electric and bass guitars, it's always worth checking compatibility.

When it comes to acoustic instruments, research before buying a locking accessory is even more crucial.

All these strap locks proved to be exceptional in all circumstances, so whether you perform live or need extra security during rehearsals and studio practices, here you'll find a strap lock set that'll satisfy your needs.

1. Best Guitar Strap Locks Overall – Schaller S-Locks

Schaller S-Locks


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Hardened steel

A classic in the world of guitar strap locks, Schaller's strap lock systems have been around for over 40 years and are an all-time favorite among guitarists.

Although slightly more expensive than most models, Schaller S-Locks offer precision, reliability, and noise-free performance.

There are many great things that make the Schaller S-Locks the best guitar strap lock. It comes with a subtle yet crucial felt washer that protects your guitar from damage and discoloration.

The long thread makes the Schaller S-Locks withstand thicker straps securely, and the pull-up-style lock system is intuitive and feels incredibly sturdy.

Finally, they're designed to be highly compatible and extremely quiet, ensuring they won't affect your sound or distract you while performing.

 I'd definitely recommend the Schaller S-Locks to musicians who use a thick strap and need a strap lock system that can withstand the additional thickness.

However, even if you're using absolutely normal guitar straps, I believe this is the best guitar strap lock system: noiseless, sturdy, nicely finished, and unobtrusive; the Schaller S-Locks will enhance your confidence on stage.

2. Best Guitar Strap Locks—Runner-up – Dunlop Straplok

Dunlop Straplok


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Hardened steel

Dunlop Straplok is one of the most beloved strap locks because of its reliability, affordability, and ease of use.

It comes with a 360° rotating design that'll give you stability even during the most energetic gigs and is tested to sustain up to 800 lbs of weight, ensuring your most precious instruments will never fall.

Finally, being the strap lock button interchangeable and easy to remove, you'll be able to use the Straplok with all your instruments.

As far as strap lock systems are concerned, the Dunlop Straplok is extremely easy to engage and disengage, also thanks to the wide flange strap lock button that'll hold your guitar strap firmly at all times.

Within its price range, there are most of the best guitar strap locks; still, this is undoubtedly a strap lock that'll keep your precious musical instrument secure.

3. Best Inconspicuous Guitar Strap Locks – D'Addario PW-SLS-02 Universal

D'Addario PW-SLS-02 Universal


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Hardened steel

If you’re into high-quality strings for your instruments, then you already know D'Addario has a reputation for excellent music gear.

Their PW-SLS-02 is no different: with a unique design featuring a big button to easily engage and disengage the strap lock, and a pull-pin-style system that feels sturdy and secure, this strap lock exudes confidence and stability.

These are perhaps the best guitar strap locks to install: it takes minutes and no previous experience. Plus, should you wish to keep the original guitar strap button screw, you can do so and simply use the strap lock button provided.

Another thing to note is the D'Addario PW-SLS-02 Universal is relatively short compared to other popular strap locks, so if you’re into a functional design that doesn’t take much space, these strap locks might be your best bet.

What I like the most about this guitar strap lock is that it's low-profile yet elegant, making it an unobtrusive item that'll improve the safety of your instrument without being as conspicuous as other strap lock designs.

4. Best-Looking Guitar Strap Locks – Fender Infinity Strap Locks

Fender Infinity Strap Locks


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Hardened steel

Fender’s take on guitar strap locks is an affordable item that performs magnificently. The Infinity strap locks have a cool design that’ll surely please the proud owners of Fender guitars, thanks to the eye-catching “F” logo and a smooth design that seamlessly blends with all your guitar straps.

From the technical side, the Fender Infinity Strap Locks feature a pinch-button release mechanism that makes applying and removing the strap locks fast and intuitive.

Finally, with 360° of rotation, the Infinity Strap Locks will keep your guitar safe even during your most audacious guitar flips.

I'd definitely recommend this Fender strap block to proud owners of Fender Tele and Stratocaster or Precision and Jazz Bass for bass players.

The beautiful strap lock button will further enhance the aesthetics of your musical instrument, and if you already own Fender guitar straps, then you'll have the whole set!

Later on, I'll also talk about the Fender strap blocks, which are another valid alternative for a guitarist on a budget who wants to keep their musical instrument safe.

5. The Best Affordable Guitar Strap Lock – Miwayer Guitar Strap Locks

Miwayer Guitar Strap Locks


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Metal

The Miwayer strap locks are an excellent alternative to the most celebrated brands: costing just a little over $10 and delivering professional results; they might be the best strap lock system for musicians who own a dozen instruments and want to secure them all with individual strap locks.

The quick-release button feels precise and reliable, and its minimal design will please those trying to avoid bulky strap locks that seem to always stand in your way.

Despite being budget-friendly, the Miwayer Guitar Strap Locks are made of high-quality metal and rubber material that stand the test of time, so if you're looking for an inexpensive solution to secure your precious instruments, these strap locks might be the best solution for you.

Aside from the price, what I like about the Miwayer is its guitar strap button: it's extremely intuitive to install and engage and impossible to release by mistake.

All in all, this strap lock system feels premium while costing way less than the most blazoned strap locks.

6. Best Eye-Catching Guitar Strap Lock – Ernie Ball Super Locks

Ernie Ball Super Locks


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Nickel-plated steel

Here's another brand that needs no introduction. Ernie Ball's take on guitar strap locks is an efficient and solid item, made to last thanks to the outstanding built quality and a 360° secure connection that'll keep your instrument safe in all situations.

The pinch-button release system of the Ernie Ball Super Locks is intuitive and hard to accidentally disengage.

I know it's partly personal taste, but I'm not a fan of the Ernie Ball Super Locks' design. Aside from the prominent logo on the guitar strap buttons, the whole guitar strap lock feels unnecessarily bulky, especially compared to more minimal designs like the ones by Schaller or Fender.

Although the design of the Ernie Ball Super Locks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no doubt in my mind that these are among the finest guitar strap locks in the market for both electric and bass guitars.

7. Best Affordable Guitar Strap Lock—Runner Up – Eison Guitar Strap Locks

Eison Guitar Strap Locks


  • Style: Two-side strap locks
  • Material: Nickel

Another excellent solution for guitarists on a budget, the Eison Guitar Strap Locks might not feel as sturdy as the Schaller security locks but still offer a secure fit and protection to your instrument at half the price of high-end alternatives.

The Eison Guitar Strap Locks guarantee smooth operation even with thick straps, thanks to a quick-release system that keeps your musical instrument securely fastened at all times.

The spring-loaded release pin ensures you'll never disengage the system by mistake, and the minimal design makes it look great on all instruments. It might not be the best guitar strap lock, but the Eison doesn't offer less than other strap locks in this list.

The quick-release system is efficient and effortless, and the thick felt pads ensure the strap locks won't damage your guitar over time.

All in all, if budget is an issue, but you still want to keep your instruments safe, the Eison Guitar strap locks will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

What Are Guitar Strap Locks, and Why They’re Essential?

Guitar strap locks can securely attach a guitar strap to the strap buttons on a guitar. Especially when you perform live, these devices are fundamental as they prevent the guitar from accidentally detaching from the belt.

The standard strap buttons, while working just fine in most circumstances, are nowhere near as reliable as guitar strap locks: the strap button and locking mechanism that makes the strap lock provide a safe and reliable connection between the guitar and the strap.

Like many, I learned the importance of guitar strap locks the hard way when my guitar fell on the floor while practicing at home.

I was listening to the White Stripes and playing on top of them with my first guitar, a Squier Telecaster Affinity, when, out of nowhere, it slipped off the strap's button and fell on the marble floor of my parent's home.

The damage was extensive: aside from aesthetic damage (some wood chipped off), I also broke the input jack, which made the guitar unusable.

Like any teenager with their first instrument, I was attached to my little Squier, so I ended up spending way too much to fix a guitar that cost a little over two hundred dollars.

I learned a lesson that day: if I owned a more expensive guitar, I might have ended up shelving it for good. Therefore, it was crucial to prevent damage to my musical instruments in the best possible way.

Best Guitar Strap Locks Buyer's Guide

Buying strap locks is not at all difficult: all you need is one that can safely hold the weight of your guitar while you perform live or simply play your instrument while standing.

However, there are differences between high-quality guitar strap locks and cheap, "single-use" strap locks: after all, you're entrusting this tiny item with the safety of your guitar, so you might as well spend some time understanding what makes a good guitar strap lock.

I'll take the opportunity to delve deeper into some valid options for artists on a budget and for those using acoustic instruments, so if you fall into one of these two categories, keep reading to find out how to secure your musical instruments.

Strap Blocks vs. Two-Side Strap Locks

Strap blocks and two-sided strap locks are the two most popular strap locks. The former is a simple ring that you place on top of the original strapping, which will prevent the guitar strap from slipping.

They're made of plastic or rubber and are generally quite inexpensive. Despite being low profile and affordable, rubber and plastic washers make your guitar considerably safer, as this simple mechanism is often enough to prevent the guitar from falling off.

The fancier option is the two-sided strap lock, made of a strap button that replaces the original one on the guitar and a locking mechanism that attaches to the strap itself.

While this option is more invasive than simply placing a washer between the guitar strap and the guitar, a two-sided strap lock is a safer option and will give you a higher level of security.

Plus, thicker straps require a strap lock button that can keep them in place at all times, and for that, you'll probably need a two-sided strap lock.

Weight Carrying Capacity

It's not just about the weight of your musical instrument: when moving around, jumping, or stage diving, the pressure your guitar puts on the strap and strap locks is much greater!

There'll be moments when your guitar strap locks will suddenly have to bear a much greater weight, so you need to ensure the strap locks you chose will allow you to move freely and have the peace of mind you need while performing.

For instance, the Dunlop Straplok can hold up to 800 lbs: more than enough to sustain anything you'll do with your guitar during your two-hour performance at Glastonbury!


Obviously, you might want strap locks that last for a long time. A case-hardened steel skin like the one offered by the Dunlop strap locks will ensure your guitar will be safe for years to come.

Nickel-plated steel is also a great option that guarantees durability and stability long term. Whichever strap lock you choose, make sure to check the materials it's made of; the studier, the better!

When it comes to rubber or plastic washers, they might not last as long as other high-end alternatives, but they're so affordable it shouldn't be a problem to invest in a new set when the time comes. Chances are, since they're not attached to your guitar, you'll lose them before wearing them out!


Some guitar strap locks, like the Schaller S-Locks, are compatible with bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars, so if you play various instruments, you should look for strap locks that can fit more than one of your axes.

Check the screws’ length of the original strap and the new one to ensure you won’t damage your guitar when placing the strap locks. If they’re the same size and thread, you’re good to go.

Adapters for acoustic guitars require even more attention. For example, the Acousti-Lok system for acoustic guitars (more on that later) is compatible with most Taylor and Martin Guitars, but you'll need to check the compatibility of your input jack before buying the appropriate model.

Ease of Use

Great strap locks should be easy to engage and disengage while keeping your musical instrument safe at all times.

There are various designs, each with its own characteristics: the push-button models are perhaps the most intuitive strap locks to use, as it makes it extremely easy to attach and remove them.

Other systems include the locking nut and the pull-up design, and both can provide the stability and safety your instrument deserves. It all comes down to taste.

The strap blocks are undoubtedly the simplest to use, yet they don't offer the same level of security the best guitar strap locks provide.

All in all, you should find a compromise between simplicity and effectiveness that'll give you confidence while playing guitar.


Finally, you might want to find strap locks that look great on your guitar, and the way to do this is by choosing strap locks with a color that matches the rest of your gear.

To me, the Fender Infinity Strap Locks look the coolest. Aside from looking and feeling sturdy, their eye-catching "f" logo and smooth design make them a perfect match for every guitar and guitar strap.

Ernie Ball does make excellent strap locks, but their Ernie Ball Super Locks look too conspicuous to me. I believe the best guitar strap locks are low-profile and performing, with a minimal style that makes them blend seamlessly with the rest of your gear.


Investing in a high-quality strap lock might well save you from disaster, so I’d recommend investing a bit more and getting a pair of strap locks from the list above.

With cheap strap locks, you’ll be under the impression that your guitar is safe, but as you stagedive or move around the stage, you might end up watching as your instrument falls to the ground.

Since we’re talking about an investment below $30 that might prevent expensive and beloved musical instruments from being damaged, my recommendation is to get an accessory that'll give you the security and tranquillity you need while performing.

How to Install Guitar Strap Locks

Installing a new set of strap locks is quite simple once you know how to do it. The most challenging aspect is when you actually have to drill the holes on your guitar yourself, for example, in an acoustic or classical guitar.

However, most of the time, you'll be replacing existing strap locks, so the holes will be there already.

Most strap lock screws have similar lengths and sizes, so your new strap locks should fit well within the pre-existing holes. However, make sure you double-check compatibility before buying a new pair of strap locks.

If there's a noticeable difference between the screw and hole sizes, I'd recommend you replace your strap locks with another type. Yes, you can drill a larger hole or fill the existing hole and drill a new one, but even if you're a DIY kind of guitarist, I don't think it's worth the hassle and risk.

While every guitar strap lock is different, here are general guidelines that’ll help you attach them to your instrument.

  1. Remove the existing strap buttons.
  2. Attach one strap button and screw it into the hole on the guitar's lower bout, ensuring it's tightly fastened and secure.
  3. Attach the locking mechanism to your guitar strap.
  4. Once the strap is threaded through the locking mechanism, engage the locking mechanism by either twisting or flipping the strap lock, depending on the design.
  5. Do the same for the other end of your guitar.
  6. Test the strap locks to ensure they’re securely attached and holding the strap in place. The best way to check this is by doing a backward somersault while playing Whole Lotta Love. Just kidding. Please don’t do that.

A Few Words on Strap Blocks

On my list of the best strap locks, I haven't mentioned strap blocks. These are inexpensive, low-profile items that do their job, but they don't provide the same level of efficiency premium guitar strap locks do.

Nevertheless, strap blocks are a popular choice among guitarists of all levels, and even a superstar like Joe Bonamassa uses this kind of strap lock for his guitars: the Dunlop Straplok Ergo Lok, which is one of my favorite options when it comes to this kind of strap lock system.

While they wouldn't be my first choice to prevent my instrument from falling during a gig, there are a few characteristics that make rubber and plastic strap locks a great guitar strap lock system.

First of all, they're extremely cheap, making them ideal for the guitarist with a collection of musical instruments and ones who don't want to spend a fortune on the best strap locks.

Secondly, their unassuming design and simplicity of use might appeal to practical artists who just want to play and have fun without modifying their instruments.

With a rubber strap block, all you have to do is place it between your guitar strap and the guitar, on the original strap, and voilà! Your guitar is secured without the need to apply a blocking system and change strap locks.

Finally, they really do the job. In most cases, unless you're doing guitar flips, rubber or plastic washer strap blocks might well be enough for your needs.

Why buy the Schaller strap locks, which are 5-7 times more expensive than the average rubber washers, when all you need is a piece of rubber that keeps your guitar strap in place?

So, if you find the best guitar strap locks are too expensive or unnecessary for your needs, here are a few strap blocks I'd recommend to first-buyers and seasoned musicians alike:

If you're unsure whether you need the best strap locks to secure your guitar, I'd recommend you give these washers (and especially the Fender strap blocks) a try. Just place them underneath your guitar strap, and see if they meet your expectations.

However, if you're looking for the ultimate solution to give you peace of mind, the best strap locks for you are the two-sided strap locks.

A Few Words on Acoustic Instruments

While solutions abound for electric and bass guitars, things are a little different for acoustic instruments if there's no existing strap button in the instrument's body. If you want to put a strap lock on your acoustic or classical guitar without permanently modifying it, you'll need a strap lock adapter.

A strap lock adapter is designed to give the stability and security of a traditional two-sided strap lock to acoustic instruments: you connect it to the flush mount jack at the bottom of your guitar and install the compatible strap lock buttons directly on the adapter.

If you're looking for a sturdy and long-lasting strap lock adapter, my recommendation would be to choose one from the vast catalog of adapters by MusicNomad. Their Acousti-Lok series is designed specifically to satisfy the needs of acoustic performers, and the quality of their adapters is top-notch.

The Acousti-Lok series for acoustic guitars is designed to work with the Schaller security locks, so if you don't own them already, you might need to buy a dedicated strap lock button for your acoustic guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need guitar strap locks?

Guitar strap locks are the best way to prevent your instrument from falling off while you perform.

The original strap buttons might not be as secure as you think, and as you move while performing live, the strap could slip and let your instrument fall on the ground, damaging the guitar body or compromising its sound.

Investing in high-quality guitar accessories is essential for all musicians who want to perform with confidence. Therefore, having a reliable strap lock will give you the peace you need when focusing on your performance without worrying about your guitar slipping off.

Are guitar strap locks compatible with all guitars?

The best strap locks are designed to be highly compatible with most guitars and bass guitars. However, there are certain instruments with unique strap button designs, so it's always recommended to check the compatibility on the producer's website to ensure you're getting the right strap locks.

When it comes to acoustic instruments, you'll need to pay extra attention to the compatibility between your acoustic guitar, the strap locks, and the adapter.

The Acousti-Lok series, my favorite option when it comes to strap lock adapters, provides various options for different guitars and types of input jack, so make sure you do some research before buying your accessories.

Are there different types of guitar strap locks?

There are two ways of locking your guitar: you can use a rubber or plastic washer system (also called strap block) or a two-piece mechanical strap lock system.

The former is less intrusive and is essentially a piece of rubber used to reduce friction and prevent the strap from slipping off the buckle.

The two-sided strap lock features a locking mechanism that replaces the original strap button and connects it with an attachment that goes on the strap itself. This type of strap lock is generally considered more reliable (and it’s also more expensive).

On the other hand, a strap block offers enough security and stability to the average guitar player who doesn't stagedive at every gig.

Depending on your playing style and needs, these accessories might be enough to keep your instrument safe during performances. Plus, you can use the same strap without having to modify your guitar or bass guitar.

Can I install guitar strap locks myself?

You can easily install the strap locks yourself. Both traditional and quick-release strap lock systems are easy to install and require minimal modifications to your musical instrument. So long as you make sure the screws’ length is appropriate, it should take you 10 minutes to do it yourself.

When it comes to rubber and plastic washers, things couldn't be simpler: all you have to do is place the strap block between the instrument strap and the existing strap button, and the washer will prevent your guitar from falling off. If that sounds appealing, try the Fender's strap blocks.

With two-sided strap locks, you'll need to remove the existing strap buttons from your electric guitar and install the new strap lock (often, mounting hardware is provided). Next, you'll have to attach the locking mechanism to your guitar strap, and you're done.

Finally, if you want to add good strap locks to your acoustic guitar, you'll need strap lock adapters, ensuring the adapter you get is compatible with both your guitar and the strap lock set.

Do guitar strap locks affect the guitar's balance or tone?

Guitar straps won't affect the tone of your guitar as they're not directly connected to the guitar body. However, they might have an impact on your playing style as they slightly affect the guitar's balance.

If you're worried about a strap lock system affecting the quality of your sound, first test your instrument using a rubber or plastic washer. In this way, you won't have to modify your musical instrument but will still add a level of security while playing guitar.

All in all, guitar strap locks are designed to be noiseless, unobtrusive, and low profile, so if you choose any of the expensive strap locks included in this list, I'm confident they won't have a negative impact on your sound.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this overview of what I believe are the best guitar strap locks! If you want your instrument to be safe while you perform, opting for a strap lock system will give you peace of mind and ensure you can do anything you want on stage without compromising your gear.

My favorite option is undoubtedly the Schaller S-Locks: they're notoriously sturdy and efficient, and they also look great.

Alternatively, the Fender Infinity Strap Locks are a great option for guitarists who want a great-looking strap lock that also performs superbly.

Have fun!

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