Blackstar Expands Jared James Nichols Signature Amplifier Line

Getting your own signature model amplifier is a badge of honor for any musician. Today, blues rock guitar phenom Jared James Nichols announces the newest model to his Blackstar signature model amplifier, the JJN-20R MkII limited edition combo. The reveal was premiered today on the Blackstar Amplifier's Instagram and Facebook pages with an appearance by Nichols who took questions from fans and demoed the amp.

After spending most of 2019 on a global tour promoting his signature JJN-20RH MkII valve head with matching JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet, many of his devoted fans wanted a combo version.

“My signature head and cabinet define my live tone, but fans would ask me ‘can I get it in a combo?’ So here it is! All the features and cool cosmetics of its big brother but in combo format,” shared Nichols. “It’s great for me playing at home too, I’ve been using the JJN-20R combo on all my live streams and it sounds incredible.”

Jared has been using Blackstar for nine years to deliver his unique BLUESPOWER tone. His high energy performances and ‘pick-less’ guitar playing technique have seen his reputation continue to grow year on year, as more people are introduced to his unique blend of blues grit and gusto, through to bombastic arena size rock ‘n’ roll.

Blackstar’s latest edition to Jared’s signature line up features the same stunning racing green tolex and a distinctive tilt-back design, making the amplifier look just as good as it sounds.

“My new Blackstar JJN-20 is incredibly versatile! I am blown away by the wide range of tones it covers with ease. From a whisper to a scream, this amp covers shimmering cleans all the way up to searing leads and high gain riffage. Whether you play country, rock, blues, or metal...the JJN-20 nails it.”

“I have based my whole guitar sound using Blackstar Amps. When playing live I completely rely on my Signature model to cover all of the sounds I need in any setting. This amp inspires me to play and push to achieve my best tones.”

Blackstar Amps JJN-20 Combo Amp
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To hear the Blackstar JJN-20 combo in action and specific tone settings, Nichols used the amp for his latest single, ‘Threw Me To The Wolves

“I was able to use the 2nd stage of the CLEAN channel for all of the rhythm guitar parts on this track. With the luxury of this being a master volume amplifier, I turned the clean channel volume all the way up to achieve a nice clean articulate crunch. When we switched it up to the solo section, I changed over to my BLUESPOWER channel, adding a fair amount of built in reverb from the amp. It is incredible how ‘wide-open’ the sound is! When listening to the solo, you can hear the weight and breath of the notes. The JJN-20 was able to deliver incredibly on all fronts!

The JJN-20R MkII limited edition combo is now available for $729.99. For more information, visit

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