“Goes where no other amps can”: BOSS Unveils Katana Gen 3 Amp Line

The Japanese FX masters boast upgraded tones, features, and connectivity for the 7 new amp models

Courtesy of BOSS

After teasing a Katana-related announcement via social media last week, BOSS has finally let the cat out of the bag concerning the drop – and it’s a big one. 

In a press release, BOSS touted the new Gen 3 Katana combo amps' upgrades, including, perhaps most significantly, “New Tube Logic enhancements” that “enrich the core platform with even greater sound, feel, and response, including an expressive Pushed amp character that edge of breakup fans will love.”

Courtesy of BOSS

Trying to nail a tube amp tone and response from a solid-state amp is something of a holy grail for effects manufacturers – could it be that BOSS has finally pinned it down?

It sounds like the Gen 3 Katanas have undergone some “refinements” to the established five amp characters of the prior models, plus the addition of the aforementioned “pushed amp” character that promises to introduce “dynamic enhancements with the pleasing touch-responsive gain of a clean combo driven into harmonic saturation.” Big if true.

Courtesy of BOSS

And it wouldn’t be a Katana line without “five onboard effect categories with essential selections from the historic BOSS library,” including “Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb sections.” Each effect has three variations for a grand total of 15 possible effects.

To top that off, significant updates to the BOSS Tone Studio promise to allow “users to customize the onboard effects from 60 different types and tweak deep options not available from the amp’s panel.” You can store and recall your amp and effects setups, all of which will be footswitchable via rear-panel jacks.

Courtesy of BOSS

What’s more, Katana fans hoping for upgraded connectivity got their wishes with the new line – sort of. Bluetooth connectivity to pair amp with smartphone has been a long-anticipated addition to the Katana line, and now with the Gen 3, it’s finally possible to stream audio and edit FX via your phone. The catch is: you have to install a separate Bluetooth MIDI adapter (not included).

Even so, it’s a welcome addition to the line that Katana diehards should be reasonably pleased about, and when coupled with the new pushed amp character and Tone Studio updates (all for just a smidge above the going rate for Gen 2 Katanas) you’ve got a recipe for success.

Three models are available now: Boss Katana-50 Gen 3, Boss Katana-100 Gen 3, and Boss Katana-100/212 Gen 3. There are also four more on the way that you can put on pre-order for the time being.

Head to BOSS for a full list of specs and details.

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