Bret Michaels Plots 2023 Parti-Gras Tour with Night Ranger and Jefferson Starship

Bret Michaels is planning a “Parti-Gras” North American tour with Night Ranger and Jefferson Starship in 2023.

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“If you poured it into a bowl, it’s the spectacular show of Kiss, the fun party of Jimmy Buffett and some Pitbull high energy, just good party party rave,” said Michaels of the upcoming tour. “It’s unique, never quite been done before. I said I want to throw that party starting in the parking lot, into the building. Let fans have a chance to be on the side of the stage. They’re doing the ‘Dress Like Bret’ karaoke contest. It’s like a carnival of fun and awesomeness.”

He added, “And the music we’re playing in between … we’ve got DJs spinning. Everything is meant to be a party from the time you get there [until] you end. It’s gotta be all killer—all hits, no filler.”

Joining Michaels are ’70s rockers Night Ranger, who released their 12th album ATBPO in 2021, and Jefferson Starship, featuring original members David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin, not later vocalist Mickey Thomas.

“Mickey’s been out on the road with me many times, but it’s the original Jefferson Starship,” said Michaels of the original lineup joining him on the tour. Jefferson Starship released their 11th album, and first in more than a decade, Mother of the Sun, in 2020.

“They wanted to come out,” added Michaels of the band. “They were great, I went and saw them. Then I watched everything they were doing. They sounded incredible. I said, ‘Here’s what I’d love: I need you to come out and bring out your hits, bring all your hits.'”

The Parti-Gras Tour will also feature surprise guests, including former Journey singer Steve Augeri and Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, along with more “mystery” guests. “I’m going to take my solo band, and I’ll finish about three or four songs—no shutdown, no drum movement,” said Michaels. “Next thing you know, we’re doing ‘Don’t Stop [Believin’].'”

Michaels added, “Every single night there will be someone on that stage. I can’t tell you exactly who it is. But if you’ve ever looked at everyone [who’s been on stage with me], I’ve had everyone from Jimmy Page to Jimmy Buffett to Paul Stanley. You don’t know who it’s gonna be, but we’re gonna bring somebody out at the end of the night and we’re gonna do their song.”

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

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