Bringin’ It Backwards Joins American Songwriter Podcast Network

Adam and Tera Lisicky are offering you a backstage pass into the lives of many artists by hosting and producing the podcast Bringin’ It Backwards, now on American Songwriter’s Podcast Network. 

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Have you ever wanted to spend a day with your favorite singer or band? Wanted to know what they were thinking when they wrote that one song you love? It is finding out the details that Bringin’ It Backwards dives into.

Regarding their platform with this podcast, the Lisickys said, “We are excited to join American Songwriter’s Podcast Network to be amongst music enthusiasts all while motivating and entertaining aspiring songwriters, musicians, and music fans.” 

And that is exactly what they deliver. Bringin’ It Backwards covers everything from My Chemical Romance to Jefferson Starship to Slushii and already over 100 guests on over 80 episodes to date.

More specifically, each episode “talks about the stars before they were stars”, and the Lisicky team is asking thought-provoking questions that open up the conversation. 

The Lisickys state, “Bringin’ it Backwards is the music industry podcast that talks to artists and songwriters about their road to success and the obstacles along the way.” 

In these conversations about an artist’s journey, the Lisickys unveil different sides of stars that you never knew you didn’t know. 

So who are the Lisickys? Adam has 16 years of on-air experience and is a professional of the professionals when it comes to the music industry. The other half of the duo, Tera, grew up in the music industry with her grandpa singing on the radio and brother in The Eiffels. 

The two like to say that music is in their DNA and this podcast is a combination of passion and profession…and maybe a little obsession. 

Clearly, the Lisickys are well versed in everything to do with the music experience and possess a personal interest in finding new stories, just like every listener. 

Bringin’ It Backwards offers lively conversation and new insights that make each listener feel like they are a part of the conversation themselves; you feel like you’re listening to friends chat with each other. Tune in every day to the budding powerhouse in the world of podcasting as Adam banters back and forth with different artists and Tera gives the information you need. 

Finally, the Lisickys want to leave you with one last question: “are you ready to join the conversation?” 

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