Can You Decipher These Bonnaroo Clues?

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“We’ll see you in the summer… Bonnaroo,” Robert Plant announced from the stage at the close of a Band of Joy concert in Washington DC on February 1st. It’s kind of fun to think of the king of classic rock uttering that name, giving it a pagan power previously reserved for other Plant utterances like “Strider!” and “Does anybody remember laughter?”

The lineup (watch out for fakes!) for June’s 2011 Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN has yet to be announced, but over at the fest’s official website, they’ve been dropping clues. It takes a real rock genius to figure all of them out, although we’ve got a good feeling about the first two. Think: aged white dudes who’ve left an indelible impression on rock music. But can you guess the rest? Give us your suggestions in the comments.

Clue 1 – A trip to space thwarted by a speckled lad’s demise. A watershed moment otherwise.

Clue 2 – Cecilia’s dress code: Sheer

Clue 3 – Still up. A month now, maybe two. Don’t call the priest, just find my guru.

Clue 4 – A veteran and magistrate, or a character of sorts. A throne one cannot abdicate, of which a crab can make a fort.

Clue 5 – Red, White and blue are all a part of this young palette. A farm heathen disguised among giants, the only Ten I see.

Clue 6 – From one BoRe to another, a war rages amongst champions. We’re calling for divine intervention.

Clue 7 – Sun shines on these former nannies; a persistence of sound persists.

Clue 8 – A maudlin pioneer living on the fringe; not one to plateau.

Clue 9 – Stop short of a march with this ruffian. It’s a heavier endeavor.


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