Country Singer Drew Green Just Wants to Be a “Good Ol’ Man”

Drew Green puts what we’re all feeling into words, or lyrics, to be more specific. We’re all just trying to be the best versions of ourselves, and more often than not, doing our best is the best we can do. Green’s song “Good Ol’ Man” captures this sentiment through laid-back melodies and honest songwriting.

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Tryin’ to be a good ol’ man
Out here learnin’ on the fly
Tryin’ to do the best I can

“Good Ol’ Man” was released in late February, and its unassuming sound struck a chord with, well, millions. The song first took off on TikTok and has continued to extend its reach. “TikTok is awesome!” Green tells American Songwriter. “It’s the biggest stage I’ve been on, I guess it’s how I look at it[.] The fact that over seven million people have seen me and my son singing in the truck blows my mind.”

As far as the story behind the song, Green explains that his new family had a lot to do with it. “I was a new daddy, learning the basics of being a father,” he says.

“‘Good Ol’ Man’ is a message to new daddies out there,” he continues. “I’m not new anymore, but you learn something new about being a dad every day. It’s always hard no matter the situation and we all have to do the best we can.”

For Green, these values of family and music can go hand in hand. His family inspires his craft and vice versa. This support system was built when Green was growing up when he would listen to country music in the “work truck” with his dad. “That’s where I fell in love with music,” he says. “I learned to sing behind a tractor while working. I always had my earbuds in singing.”

This humble approach to a career in music built a solid foundation for Green, and it has paid off in ways that the singer/songwriter from Tennessee didn’t see coming. “To be honest, I didn’t imagine this [‘Good Ol’ Man’] being the first one to take off, but I’m so glad it did,” he says. “Oddly enough, this song appeals to a younger audience and I look forward to having music for all ages. Come one, come all!”

Listen to “Good Ol’ Man” by Drew Green below.

Photo Credit: Angelea Presti

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