Court Rules in Favor of Tim McGraw And Big Machine


A Nashville court ruled in favor of Tim McGraw and his new record label, Big Machine, this Friday morning in the artist’s drawn-out dispute with his former record label, Curb Records. The court’s ruling stated that Big Machine does not have to yield various records, including emails, contracts and other documents that relate to Big Machine’s relationship to Tim McGraw.

Curb’s original complaint was that it required the records in order to properly assess how much Mcgraw owed them after an alleged breach of contract. According to Curb, McGraw turned in his album Emotional Traffic too soon after the release of a preceding album to fulfill his record deal. McGraw was contractually obligated to space albums out by a year and a half.

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McGraw’s defense was that when he tried to meet the terms of his contract, the label would put out a greatest hits compilation, thus prolonging the wait period and forcing him to stay on the label’s roster for longer. Moreover, Big Machine moved to quash, accusing Curb of attempting to extract classified material in order to gain an upper hand on Big Machine.

This, however, does not mark the end of Mcgraw’s legal battle with Curb. Curb still holds to the argument that McGraw owes the label an album and maintains that a forthcoming album from McGraw on the Big Machine label actually belongs to Curb, based on the conditions of McGraw’s contract. A judge ruled in November that McGraw was free to leave his contract with Curb and record under another label. Curb has appealed the November ruling and a decision is now pending from a higher court.

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