Daily Discovery: The Brevet, “Rocks Beneath the Water”


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ARTIST: The Brevet

SONG: Rocks Beneath the Water

BIRTHDATE: 80s kids


CURRENT LOCATION: Orange County/ Los Angeles

AMBITIONS: To time travel in a Delorean with Doc Brown

TURN OFFS: Not time traveling with Doc Brown right now…

TURN ONS: Recording in the studio, America, Bald Eagles, Freedom, The smell of Pine

DREAM GIG: Playing a show with Elvis on the peak of Half dome.

FAVORITE LYRIC: Don’t need a fire, underneath my feet. When walking on wires, the ends are hard to meet. Can’t help but feel tied down, tangled up in life. Falling down and down while it’s passing us by. – Rocks Beneath the Water

WHY I WROTE THIS SONG: It’s difficult to strive for something that seems so unsure and unsteady but is your true love and passion. I wrote this song because we all experience doubt and have crossroads in our lives but I truly believe that it’s better to dive into your passion and take that risk then wake up when you’re 60 and say, “why didn’t I just go for it when I had the opportunity?” I think a lot of us experience these same thoughts and feelings.


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