Daily Discovery: Clare Dunn, “Gold To Glitter”


Clare Dunn is back with new music, and it certainly is worth showcasing.

“Gold to Glitter” was released alongside another track, “Money’s All Gone”, which both showcase the confident vocals and songwriting skills of the Nashville-by-way-of-Colorado performer.

Dunn told American Songwriter that the the track was written in the Music City but was inspired by Two Buttes, Colorado!

“I wanted to have a song that could somehow put into words what it’s like watching the golden sunsets turn into the glittery, star-filled, wide-open night sky I grew up under,” she said. “As a writer, I love taking seemingly simple things and expressing the many different emotions that come with them. Sunset has always been my favorite time of day, and where I’m from, the sky during that time is always spectacular. It didn’t even matter if we were working or if we got the chance to just sit and enjoy it.

“It was always a very special part of the day to me, and if you can watch the sun go down with someone you love even better.”

The ambition to take something simple and making it complex and beautiful, for Dunn, is falling in line with one of her inspirations: Stevie Nicks.

“She’s beyond brilliant. She’s one of those writers that can take a simple subject and present it in a way you might not have ever thought about before, or she can express a really complicated feeling in a very simple and articulate way,” Dunn said. “Storms is one of my favorite songs of hers and I think that it’s an example of both of those things happening at the same time in a song. It’s simple and complicated at the same time, but that’s what emotions are.”

“Gold to Glitter” and “Money’s All Gone” both arrive on the heels of Dunn’s R&B-influenced “My Love” remix, which debuted on October 4 and features a high-energy cameo from Beyoncé collaborator INGRID.

“Gold to Glitter” can be heard below, while, “Money’s All Gone” is a guitar-driven rocker that rushes forward at highway speed, with Dunn’s fretwork on the electric guitar matching her powerful vocals. The song’s classic rock swagger nods to Bob Seger, who hand-picked Dunn to serve as the opening act on a recent arena tour, as well as her longtime heroes the Rolling Stones.

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