Daily Discovery: JD Simo Stays Humble On Bluesy New Single, “Know It All”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

“I’m really comfortable in my own skin now,” JD Simo tells American Songwriter.

As a lot of songwriters know, the simple joy of being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most coveted feelings an artist can have. Sometimes, it takes years of deprogramming, ditching unnecessary norms or standards that hold you back. Other times, it can be as easy as not thinking too much and letting your natural talents rise to the surface. When Simo started working on his third album, Mind Control, it was the latter.

“I think I was able to be comfortable because there was no motive behind making it,” he explained. “Every other time I’ve made a record, there’s been a plan of some sort and I did my best to make the best thing I could within that plan. This time, it was entirely for pleasure with my buddies. No timeline or real goal. Just getting together safely during the shutdown to play music and have fun. As a result, it just developed naturally. The vibe, the feel, the sound… even the way I played evolved without me really being aware of it.”

Simo’s artistic growth and newfound creative liberty can be heard in full force on his new single, “Know It All,” out August 27. A bluesy track showing off his road-worn skills as a performer—with blistering guitar fills to boot—the single is representative of how songwriting (especially with the level of openness Simo was embracing) can be a phenomenal vehicle for thinking about how to live a good life.

“Well, I guess this song’s message is the importance of humility,” he said. “The knee-jerk response of the need to speak when I should listen or just to openly admit when either I don’t know something or am wrong… I want to be a better human and often the things that I’m most judgemental about in others are the things I need to work on most myself.”

With Mind Control due in November, Simo has a lot to look forward to. “We’re about to do a full tour of the United States that starts in September and wraps in February,” he said. “We’re stoked to play these tunes! It’s gonna feel good to play some low-down shit with my buds for the people. We can’t wait!”

JD Simo’s new single “Know It All” is officially out August 27—watch the video for it below:

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