Daily Discovery: The HawtThorns’ “Let’s Get Together” Celebrates Their “Best Spent Tears”

Listening to the HawtThorns’ latest single “Let’s Get Together” is like hugging an old friend. The upbeat tune, heartfelt lyrics, and tender delivery are full of comfort and encouragement, reassuring listeners that hard days won’t last forever. And at the core of the song is the wisdom that struggles are inevitable, but joy still exists in the journey. 

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Debuting on January 14, “Let’s Get Together” is a call to appreciate the people who bring light to life, even when it feels impossibly dark. The band got the idea for the song when their production partner used the phrase “the best spent tears” to describe all the hard work and diligence that went into making their music. “We built the idea from there,” the band tells American Songwriter, “focusing on the great feeling of being with friends again and looking back at hard times without necessarily regretting them.”

I don’t mind a little rain
It needs to fall sometimes
I don’t feel like digging up the past today
It’s such a waste
I don’t need  to see the future
‘Cause I know what’s happening
It’s just tomorrow
It’ll happen anyway

The members of the band, KP and Johnny Hawthorn double as both a band and a husband-and-wife couple. So for the HawtThorns, songwriting is part of everyday life. “We both love being able to bring up a universal idea in a personal way,” they share. “The melody can tell the story as much as the words can, putting the puzzle of rhythm, melody, and lyric together to create a unique piece of art is a challenge and so satisfying.”

With “Let’s Get Together,” they wanted to experiment within their musical style while creating a song that helps listeners put their lives in perspective. “To us, this track has an R&B flavor that is different from other tunes we’ve made. The feel of this one definitely stands out among the other tracks,” the HawtThorns say. 

“Also, that chorus is just something that makes you want to sing and sway along,” the couple adds. 

Ultimately, the message of “Let’s Get Together” is that taking life too seriously sucks the joy out of meaningful moments that should be cherished. “We get very serious about so much and often forget that we all just want to love and be loved,” the HawtThorns stress. “It is a song about remembering the importance of relationships and good times amid everything hard that we go through.”

“Let’s Get Together” is a reminder that even when things go wrong, there are still good memories to be made. Having friends and loved ones to celebrate those moments with is a victory in itself. After all, Fate’s in our pocket — not a thing’s gonna stop it / We’re over the bad times look back with no regret / The best tears I’ve ever spent.

Photo courtesy of The HawtThorns.

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