Deep Purple’s Roger Glover Voices His Dislike for Fame, Says “It Takes Away Your Life”

Deep Purple’s bassist Roger Glover sat down for an interview with Made In Metal recently to reveal something a little unexpected: He doesn’t like being famous.

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In the interview with the Spanish publication, the 78-year-old said that he prefers to live a private life whenever he isn’t touring or working on music with Deep Purple.

“The hoopla of being in a big band and touring has to be balanced, if you like, by family life,” Glove said in the interview. “And the family have a hard enough time ’cause I have to go away for such long periods of time, and they have to exist here without me, which is not easy. I have a wife and two children, young children now.”

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“It’s necessary for me not to be known as famous,” Glover said. “I don’t like fame.”

It’s hard to believe, considering how famous Deep Purple is and how many fans believe the members are pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal. But, Glover’s feelings make perfect sense when you think about it. 

Deep Purple has been active off and on since 1967. Glover joined the band in 1969, so that makes over 40 years of fame at his fingertips. It’s bound to get old after a while, especially when there are more important things to care about.

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“People say to me, young musicians, ‘Hey, how do you get famous?’” Glover continued. “It’s the wrong question. What you really need to ask is, how do you be happy?”

A very fair and arguably more interesting question.

“People who wanna be famous, I don’t know why, because it’s an imposition. It takes away your life. And so I’m very happy to keep my life as private as possible.”

Deep Purple plans to release their newest album =1 on July 19. The band will be busy touring this year, with the next show slated for June 13 in Madrid, Spain at Parque Tierno Galvan for ALMA Occident Festival.

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