Did Drake Just Diss Megan Thee Stallion?

Back when Drake released his collaborative album, Her Loss, with 21 Savage last fall, many fans believed he sent a subtle diss at Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Rapping this bitch lie ’bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion, supporters of Meg felt like he was using “shots” as a double entendre for butt injections and bullet wounds, the latter of which were sustained by Meg when she was shot in 2020 by Tory Lanez, who is a friend of Drake’s.

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Now, just a day after Lanez began his 10-year prison sentence for the assault on Meg, it seems like Drake may have sent another low-key diss at her.

During his recent It’s All A Blur Tour stop in Houston, Texas, Meg’s hometown, Drake paused the show to give a shoutout to his photographer Megan Sumpton, who was in attendance. While giving Sumpton her metaphorical flowers, though, Drake made a reference to Thee Stallion.

“I gotta give a shout-out to somebody here that’s known me since the beginning of my career. Her name is Megan. Meg Sumpton. MegYuup. Whatever you know her as,” he said. “She’s been with me since day one like real shit. She built this shit with me. Real H-Town legend… Shoutout to Meg one time. Not that Meg. This Meg.”

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At first, Sumpton assumed it was an innocent gesture, posting a video of Drake’s friendly tribute on her Instagram page.

“Don’t quite know where to begin, but first off I’ll start by saying you may now refer to me as ‘H-Town legend’ moving forward,” she wrote. “Sometimes you don’t quite know what someone is thinking, or how they’re feeling, and then BAM! They let you know in an arena full of people… Extremely grateful to have played a part in a lot of what we’ve seen unfold. To many more years to come and to many more years on this journey with you. Love you always.”

But, social media users soon began to accuse Drake of being ill-intentioned. Saying that he was “being messy” and “throwing rocks then hiding his hands,” the Toronto MC quickly came under fire.

When catching wind of this, though, Sumpton came to the rapper’s defense via Twitter.

“He was CLARIFYING for the slow ones in the back such as yourself,” she wrote to one angry user. “People don’t know who I am like that. They hear Megan & H-Town legend and clearly would think of her. It’s not a hard concept.”

Subsequently, Sumpton promoted both Drake and Megan Thee Stallion in later tweets, reminding fans that the former’s upcoming album, For All The Dogs, is practically a week away.

Check out all of Sumpton’s tweets below.

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