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Dead Wood Guitars of Athens, Ga is stuck in the 19th century, and we mean that in the best way possible. The company’s founder Jason Booth specializes in creating beautifully handmade acoustic and electric guitars, and in Dirtty Toe Productions’ fourteen-minute documentary on the subject, we can see what makes the final product so perfect.

Filmmakers Sam Birdsong, Kelly Smith, and Cartter Fontaine (a former American Songwriter intern) follow Booth over three months as he creates a custom acoustic guitar for blues singer Rick Fowler. Every detail is documented, from the first chop at the tree to finished product.

“Every little thing we put into it is all 100% handcrafted,” Booth says. “And we want to keep it that way. I mean to me, that’s the art of luthiery.”

And it is an art—both the guitar and the documentary. Watch here:

Dead Wood from Dirtty Toe Productions on Vimeo.


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