Ed Sheeran Reflects on Party Days, Getting High with The Game—“I Was Out”

Pop singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has been “changing tides” in big ways over the last few years. As a new father, his music career paused while he figured out this new role. Since returning with a new album, equals, he’s had a lot of time to reflect. Even in the first lines of the opening track, he marvels at how much has changed.  

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I have grown up I am a father now / Everything has changed but I am still the same somehow

One thing is for sure, he’s no longer the life of the party he used to be. He reflected on an embarrassing moment in 2013 when he was partying with rapper The Game. Sheeran said he quickly found his limits with some of the “party favors.” 

“I remember I was in the studio once in, like 2013. I was doing some records with The Game and he took me to Compton,” Sheeran said. “And we were in studio, and we probably made like 13, 14 songs. And towards the end of the session, his boys come in and they’re sort of like, it starts being a bit of a party.

“I took a tiny, tiny, tiny puff on something and I was out, I had to go home. I don’t really do that at all,” Sheeran said.  

While Sheeran may have found his limits at that moment, his career knows none. His latest studio album, equals, charted at number one all around the globe. The new album earned the artist multiple No. 1 hits in 2021, including “Bad Habits,” “Shivers,” “Merry Christmas (with Elton John),” and a feature on LadBaby’s 2021 Christmas No. 1 hit, “Sausage Rolls For Everyone.” This marks 13 No.1s in total in Sheeran’s home country.  

With Sheeran’s sustained success since his initial release in 2005, he has proven his career is far from going up in smoke.  

You can listen to Sheeran’s album, equals, below: 

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