Essential Little Big Town: 3 Deep Cuts That Fans Should Know

Country vocal quartet Little Big Town has quite the discography. The Alabama natives have 10 studio albums under their belt and countless hit singles and award nominations. Still, there are a few tracks out there that have fizzled out in popularity, and some fans may not even know they exist. Let’s take a look at a couple of Little Big Town deep cuts that every fan should know.

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1. “Quit Breaking Up With Me”

Straight from Pain Killer, this track is both a hilarious and painfully realistic ode to the not-so-healthy habit of having break-up sex whenever a relationship dies out. It’s a cult classic in a lot of ways, but not many fans remember the comedic track that has to be one of the band’s catchiest tunes.

2. “Bones”

This song is one of Little Big Town’s older deep cuts from the 2005 album The Road To Here. It’s one of the best tracks from the album, and it really doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s a twangy, honky-tonk tune that was fit for the time period it was released in. Still, it has enduring appeal today.

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3. “Evangeline”

“Evangeline” is one of Little Big Town’s more poignant and emotional songs, and its subject matter can be hard for some to stomach. The song’s lyrics detail a woman named Evangeline’s relationship with an emotionally abusive man and offer hope to those who may be dealing with the same thing. Not a lot of country artists were penning songs about how verbal abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse in 2007. This track is one of the band’s most emotionally intelligent and uplifting tracks.

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