EVH® Introduces The All-New 5150III® 15-Watt LBX-S Amp Head

EVH, the brand of guitars, amplifiers and musical products launched by Eddie Van Halen in partnership with Fender, has announced the all-new 5150III® 15W LBX-S Head, a small 15-watt amp head with big sound that, of course, captures Van Halen’s famed tone, plus a whole lot more.

The lunchbox sized amp head is a crossbreed between two previous EVH amps- the LBXI and the LBXII, blending the Green “clean” channel with the Red “full burn” channel for a wide range of usable sounds- from pristine cleans to crushing high-gain tones.

EVH 5150III LBX-S Head

Another great feature is the 1/4-power switch located on the back, perfect if you need to keep it quiet for the neighbors or family members. The switch reduces the head to 3.5 watts, allowing a player to play at lower volumes while retaining the amp’s tonal qualities, or explore new sounds.

This amp is also equipped with dual parallel speaker output jacks, effects loop and one-button footswitch. The LBX-S Head features a black front panel and black metal grill cage with the Stealth EVH-striped motif. Unique to the LBX-S, this head also has internal LED backlighting that illuminates the cage in either green or red to match the selected channel. Similar to all Stealth models, the LBX-S has also been modded to include an adjustable bias control port.

EVH 5150III LBX-S Back Panel

Visit https://www.evhgear.com/gear for more information

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