Exclusive: Luke Bryan Talks Katy Perry, ‘American Idol’ and Future Plans

Luke Bryan knows everyone is discussing what will happen on American Idol with Katy Perry’s exit and wondering who else might leave. But the charmingly chatty country singer isn’t about to weigh in.

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“Everybody’s typically kind of tightlipped about that because it’s an annual renewal of something,” he told American Songwriter. “We’re always kind of negotiating the next year and how that looks.”

Bryan said he treats American Idol similarly to his country career. As long as the show feels fresh and fun and like the cast is making a positive impact, it’s going to remain something he’ll consider doing, he said. But the day the signer wakes up burnt out, his stance may change.

“That’s the beauty of where I’m at my career,” he said. “If I’m burned out on something, there’s really no need for me to go continue to do it.”

Bryan said he’s enjoyed the relationship he’s developed with Perry. The country star noted that doing “American Idol” with Lionel Richie and Ryan Seacrest “has been amazing.”

Luke Bryan Is Tight-Lipped on Katy Perry

But if he has insight into who will replace Perry, he won’t admit it.

“I don’t know any info on who may be her potential replacement, but it’s a fun thing to be a part of,” Bryan said. “And every year, I think Katy is probably launching world tours and stuff, so she probably had to make a decision several months out to get in front of her plans.”

The “Love You, Miss You, Mean It” singer said he gets more out of the experience than the camaraderie with Perry, Richie, and Seacrest. He learns from the young singers, too. Recently, he discovered there’s a whole new set of challenges that today’s up-and-coming stars deal with that weren’t around when Bryan was working his way onto country radio.

“When you look at the pressures of social media that I didn’t have growing up, I mean, my only feedback I got when I was on stage is the crowd booing me,” he said. “Are they leaving the venue, or are they staying and showing up?”

Bryan pointed out that it was face-to-face, which gave him the opportunity to deal with it. But now, he said, people are mean just to be mean. Bryan wants to inspire and have fun with the young singers, and Richie, he said, just wants to help.

“Lionel has said many, many times, he’s kind of done everything in life,” Bryan said. “This is kind of a little bit of his gift back to music, is trying to sit in that chair and help kids out.”

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