Futurebirds Premiere New Song, “Crazy Boys”


It is a specific reference but the sound of Futurebirds new song, “Crazy Boys” took us immediately to an episode of Mindhunter. The flow, vibe, and emotion of the track seemed so nostalgic while also NorCal-free that we wanted to hear it behind the guys cruising and discussing a case.

The take that the band had was a little different. They had a lot more descriptive — but equality specific take on the song — as they told American Songwriter.

“Have you ever been hit with the wave of a feeling where all of a sudden, you’re overcome with good energy? All possibilities are laid out in front of you; you’re fifteen and you just want to just destroy everything in sight, but in a super positive way?” Carter King said. “Like a blissed-out dog, shredding a stuffed toy to little bits. That’s what this song is inspired by.

“It’s named after the band that my 4-year old nephew started with my brother and me. The song began stewing the night after our first ‘band practice.’ Every time the words ‘Crazy Boys’ were mentioned during the jam session, my nephew would stick out his tongue and shake his head back and forth while letting out a repulsively cute growl. That paired with his aggressive detuned ukulele strumming; It was punk as hell.  Don’t ever let that go, kid!”

The Athens (GA) psych-country sextet, are total road dogs and describe themselves as a true band of brothers. In the spirit of the ‘Crazy Boys’ moniker, they’ve also earned a reputation for being some of the most rowdy, but also nicest, guys in the game.

The new record, Teamwork is the distillation of what the band is all about.

Futurebirds has taken the whole concept of “cosmic American music” to new heights and doubled down on what made people fall in love with them in the first place: twangy roots rock, hard use of reverb, big guitars, mixed melody vocals, and a slide.

The band just wrapped up a tour with CAAMP — which makes perfect sense — and there are still seven other show left for the band to close the year. Check their site to find out if Futurebirds come close to you.

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