Grammy Winner Fantastic Negrito Announces New Album

Bay Area-based Grammy Award-winner Fantastic Negrito has announced his new forthcoming LP, White Jesus Black Problems, which is set to drop on June 3 with an ambitious accompanying film.

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Fans can pre-order the album HERE.

And to celebrate the news, the rocker shared his latest biting single, “Highest Bidder.” The song includes the refrain: Everything goes to the highest bidder.

“That song’s as true today as it’s ever been,” said the artist in a statement. “The Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Americans, everything goes to the highest bidder. It’s human nature. People always want to have the best.”

He added, “It’s all predicated on extracting the most out of other people for the least. In this country, we worship billionaires while parts of some cities look like what we’d call the third world. I’m trying to convey what I see when I walk down the street here in Oakland.”

The new work is set to be released on the three-time Grammy winner’s label, Storefront Records.

According to a press release, the accompanying film “is based on the true story of Negrito’s seventh-generation white Scottish grandmother (Grandma Gallamore), an indentured servant, living in a common-law marriage with his seventh-generation African American enslaved grandfather (Grandfather Courage); in open defiance of the racist, separatist, laws of 1750s colonial Virginia.”

Last summer, Fantastic Negrito released the single “Rolling Through California” about the natural disasters and weather worries his home state experiences.

In the days to come, Fantastic Negrito will be announcing a string of shows to premiere White Jesus Black Problems live over the next few weeks. More details to come. And see below for the full track list for the artist’s new LP. And check out a trailer for the new album below.

White Jesus Black Problems track list

1. Venomous Dogma

2. Highest Bidder

3. Mayor of Wasteland

4. They Go Low

5. Nibbadip

6. Oh Betty

7. You Don’t Belong Here

8. Man With No Name

9. You Better Have A Gun

10. Trudoo

11. In My Head

12. Register of Free Negroes

13. Virginia Soil

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