J.I.D. Hates Listening to Other Artists in His Style of Rap

Atlanta phenom J.I.D. has brought a resurgence of mainstream appreciation for fast-paced raps. Popularized by older acts like Eminem, the slick-tongued approach became ostracized in the hip-hop community in the 2010s, labeled as “corny” and “lacking substance.”

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However, J.I.D.’s emergence in the late 2010s and early 2020s has proven that there can be a marriage of entertainment and meaningfulness when it comes to rapping words very quickly. But, even he says that the style he indulges in still bothers him when employed by others.

On March 14, hosts James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman of the Throwing Fits podcast released a brand new interview with J.I.D. Titled “Byproducts of Being Lit,” the episode sees the trio discuss a multitude of topics, including the one mentioned above. When asked about switching up his approach on his song “Stick” with J. Cole, Kenny Mason, and Sheck Wes, which sees him chant the song’s title repetitively in the hook, J.I.D. insisted it was all intentional.

“That was the point, duality of man,” he said. “I listen to my shit [his music] because I’m amazing, but I don’t listen to my style of rap. People who do the style of rap that I do, I fucking hate it. It’s kind of weird. I’m just a jittery person, so it comes out like that. I can’t even stop myself.”

Check out the clip below.

With his latest record The Forever Story from August 2022, he put this approach to use magnificently. Touted as one of the best hip-hop albums of the year by many, including Jay-Z which he mentions during the podcast, his combination of soulful beat selection and mind-blowing lyrical ability impressed many listeners.

Throughout the rest of the episode, J.I.D. talks with the duo about his aforementioned encounter with Jay-Z, meeting Lil Wayne after they collaborated on a song for Forever Story, being an answer on Jeopardy, and much more. Check out the entire Throwing Fits interview with J.I.D. HERE.

Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW

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