Jake Gyllenhaal Says Willie Nelson Must Be in the Next ‘Road House’ Movie

Jake Gyllenhaal’s wildly successful new movie—a remake of the 1989 film Road House—has been approved for a sequel, and the star has stated his one request for Road House 2. According to Gyllenhaal, the sequel must include country legend Willie Nelson.

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Amazon Studios recently greenlit a second installment of the film based on the success of the first, which also starred former UFC champion Conor McGregor in a leading role. According to Amazon, the movie drew in a diverse audience, including women and younger viewers. A movie like Road House might draw a singular audience—men who are familiar with the original—but it did quite well across the board. So well, that Gyllenhaal’s production company approved a three-year deal with Amazon. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal expressed his wishes for the sequel.

Apparently, he was listening to Willie Nelson in the car on the way to the interview with THR, and had an epiphany about the sequel. “’Wait, Willie Nelson’s got to be in this,'” he thought. “‘Willie Nelson’s got to do a song with Post Malone.'”

Gyllenhaal supposedly wants to take advantage of Post Malone’s foray into country and his newfound popularity in the genre. With the way Post has been churning out collaborations, it’s certainly possible. Never say never. After all, Nelson has been in several movies throughout his career, making his film endeavors almost as impressive as his music career.

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Willie Nelson Recently Released His 75th Solo Album, The Border

Willie Nelson may have turned 91 years old this year, but he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The country legend released his 75th solo album on May 31, titled The Border, which took fans through a thoughtful series of narratives and love songs in turn.

Overall, the album was a bit of a hodge-podge and felt like an unrelated collection of songs he was working on at the time. While there’s an interesting narrative in the first song “The Border,” it doesn’t continue through the entire album. However, the love songs remind us all that Willie Nelson is a romantic at heart, and even the song “Hank’s Guitar” could be considered a love song as well. It’s an ode to Hank Williams from the perspective of his guitar, following his tragically short life and career.

The Border is a mindful collection of 10 tracks that paints us a picture of Nelson’s life at the moment. He’s writing love songs, spinning narratives, having dreams, and contemplating his creative life.

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