Jason Isbell, Joan Osborne Share Celebrity Gym Sightings

Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look!

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We tell ourselves to be cool. But sometimes it’s hard to do that when you see your favorite celebrity or musician in a common space. Not on stage, not in a movie, or on the television screen.

What would you do?

Well, Jason Isbell and Joan Osborne shared a little insight on Twitter on Monday (Dec. 5) about what they did when the scenario happened to them.

“Yesterday morning the gym had three people in it: me, BeBe Winans, and Eddie Vedder,” shared Isbell. “BeBe is strong. Ed is flexible. I have the shortest gym shorts.” He added, “This is 100 percent true.”

Osborne shared Isbell’s tweet and added one of her own, writing, “I was once in a gym with Anthony [Kiedis], just me and him. He ran on the treadmill and I did the stationary bike. It was just after 9/11. We didn’t say hello.”

Isbell, of course, is an active and entertaining Twitter user. And sometimes his escapades include acts of generosity and even changing certain commenters’ minds.

A few weeks ago, one fan complained that tickets to Isbell’s shows were too expensive. Isbell then re-shared that complaint and added free tickets to his show. The fan later apologized to Isbell and it was a nice moment on the social media platform.

Fan Sanford Ader tweeted the Americana star, writing, “My dad is a huge fan and found out you are coming to rapid city SD. Tickets are 350 dollars a piece for floor tickets. Guess you don’t really want to play for the working people anymore”

Isbell’s response: “1: Those are the most expensive tickets and there are some available for much less 2: You’re on the guest list plus 1. Y’all have fun.”

Photo Alysse Gafkjen Courtesy Sacks & Co.

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