Jelly Roll Responds to Bert Kreischer’s Burning Question—And Of Course, Willie Nelson Makes the Cut

Jelly Roll has been refreshingly candid about his history with drug abuse. The Country Music Association’s 2023 Best New Artist is similarly open about his current marijuana use. He has even developed his own cannabis brand, Bad Apple.

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So it’s unsurprising that the artist (born Jason DeFord) has put some thought into his “dream blunt rotation.”

“I’ve thought of this a lot,” the “Son of a Sinner” singer wrote Tuesday (Feb. 20) evening, responding to a post on X/Twitter from comedian Bert Kreischer. “Willie, Wiz, Snoop, B-Real, BERNER and Joey Diaz.”

Wait – What Is a Dream Blunt Rotation, and Who is in Jelly Roll’s?

A dream blunt rotation is “a group of people you’d hypothetically like to smoke weed with because they’d be a really fun time,” according to Pod Save America host Jon Favreau. Even U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has one.

Jelly Roll’s ideal rotation reads like a roster of American stoner subculture royalty. The hip-hop artist turned country singer included four rappers: Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, B-Real (of Cypress Hill fame), and Berner. Also on his list is Joey Diaz, the actor and stand-up comedy veteran with a notoriously high tolerance.

And of course, whose “dream blunt rotation” is complete without Willie? The Red-Headed Stranger famously never turns down a joint, telling Forbes in April 2023, “I think if you got one, let’s burn it.”

Fans took to the comment section to express their desire to “burn one” with Jelly Roll, with one user writing, “You forgot me big dogg.”

Cannabis Advocacy is Part of Jelly Roll’s Crusade Against Opioid Epidemic

Growing up in rural Tennessee, Jelly Roll has witnessed the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic firsthand. He spoke about attending “more funerals than I care to share” during a January Senate hearing on strategies to stop the spread of fentanyl into the United States.

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Many cannabis advocates have hailed the substance as a safe, effective alternative to prescription drugs. It would appear Jelly Roll agrees. An October 2023 TikTok video shows the artist commending the state of Oregon for its legalization of marijuana.

“The state of Oregon has done the right thing when it comes to weed for a long, long time,” Jelly Roll said. “Because I am from the state of Tennessee where I am still criminalized for smoking marijuana.”

The GRAMMY nominee paused to let the audience’s jeers subside before saying, “And I pray that’s the only time I ever get booed at a show.”

“My only problem with it is, I’ve watched Big Pharma profit trillions of dollars feeding our family poison,” he continued. “F*** Big Pharma.”

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