Jelly Roll Reveals That His Felony Convictions May Keep Him from Touring Abroad

Jelly Roll has one of the most inspiring stories in country music. He’s an example of how someone can turn their lives around and live their dreams. After years of being in and out of jail and battling substance abuse, he threw himself into his music and found his salvation there. More recently, he transitioned from hip-hop to country music and became an award-winning, Grammy-nominated, hit-making star. However, he’s also an example of how one’s past can come back to bite them. Currently, he’s finding it hard to book an international tour due to his criminal history.

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It can be difficult for felons to travel abroad. Depending on the country, the nature of the felony convictions, and the time elapsed since the most recent conviction, felons may be barred from some overseas destinations. Jelly Roll is currently hoping to book an international tour. Unfortunately, though, his past is making that hard.

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Recently, Jelly Roll spoke to Jon Bon Jovi for Interview Magazine. During the conversation, he revealed why he hadn’t embarked on an international tour.

Jelly Roll Says His Felonies May Keep Him From Touring Outside the U.S.

Jelly Roll said he’s excited about the prospect of performing for crowds outside of the United States. “We’re figuring out the final pieces of some legal puzzles for me to get overseas,” he explained. “It’s funny, America has finally agreed to let me leave and give me a passport, but some countries won’t let me come because of my felonies,” he added. “We’re working on that. I think it’s going to work in my favor.”

However, Jelly Roll doesn’t seem too upset about his current predicament. Much like many other aspects of his life, he’s looking at this bump in the road through a lens of gratitude. “For the record, I’m a kid from Antioch, Tennessee whose father never left the southeastern region until he was in his 50s,” he said. “I still have friends in Antioch who have never left. They’ve never seen a football game downtown—just watch the Titans on TV every Sunday,” he added. “I’m like, ‘You know the stadium is 18 minutes away, right?’ We can get a ticket for $10.”

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