John Legend Calls for Curtailing “Killing Machines,” Defends Chicago

John Legend brought the heat on Saturday night (May 28) and it had nothing to do with his singing voice.

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In this case, it had to do with his voice on Twitter and his call to get guns—what he calls “killing machines”—off the streets.

Below are a series of Tweets from the skilled singer.

(For more from Legend, check out his Twitter page here.)

“Anyway, good night. It’s interesting debating these things online but I don’t care about out-arguing anyone on Twitter. I care about feeling safe when I drop my kids off at school. I sincerely believe we will all be safer if we get these mass killing machines off the streets.”

He continued, “A lot of “what about Chicago?” in my mentions whenever I talk about guns. We all want Chicago to be safer but please see the list of states with the highest gun mortality rates. See how far you have to go down to get to Illinois. Link –

“And Chicago is 28th in murder rates among American cities. If you always bring up Chicago, you’re probably deflecting from a conversation you’re afraid to have, you watch too much Tucker Carlson, and/or you just MIGHT also be a racist.”

“I know many of us are angry about police cowardice in Uvalde, but let’s not forget that we have to stop arming civilians with weapons that can kill dozens of kids in a min. Don’t distract ourselves from the real issue. “hardening” and more cop training are not going to solve this.

“When someone shows up with AR 15s and thousands of bullets, they have the advantage of their weapons AND the fact that they know their plan and no one else knows they’re coming. Training may save some children but he will have already killed far too many in the opening seconds.

“We need these killing machines off our streets and out of our homes.”

“Dear God. The idiocy. No gun reform. Just door reform from Ted Cruz,” he wrote regarding a video from Senator Ted Cruz.

“Evil nonsense. The answer for the NRA and its toadies like Ted is ALWAYS that we need MORE guns. They’d rather “harden” our schools than deal with the problem. We already have the most guns in the world.

“’More armed guards! Arm the teachers! Arm the librarians! Arm the school nurse! Why stop there? The 8-year-olds need weapons too.’ Fuck the NRA.

“I can’t imagine why any Texan would want this slimy coward representing such a proud state.”

John Legend (Photo: Streiber/NBC)

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