John Lennon’s 80th Birthday Celebration #6: A Poem for John by Stephen Kalinich

Imagine- John Lennon
Stephen Kalinich. Photo by Paul Zollo/American Songwriter

A legendary poet, songwriter and painter, Stevie Kalinich has written songs with the Beach Boys, including the beloved “Little Bird.” His songs have been performed and recorded by Paul McCartney, Rumer, Brian Wilson, P.F. Sloan and many more. He’s also one of the brightest and most beloved lights in an often dark world. We’re grateful for this chance to share this poem, “You Touched My World,” written for John Lennon.

You Touched My World

A Poem for John Lennon

By Stephen John Kalinich

You touched my world

You made it bearable for me

You opened endless possibility.

You spoke of Peace and Love

They never understood.

Your heart was made of Rainbows

You only wanted people to have Good.

A World without a bomb and guns

Embracing light

Where darkness runs.

You Imagined and

Dreams came true.

You painted with your words

A Magic hue.

You spoke of yellow submarines

Of living your own life

Not being a machine.

You went through changes and stages

Through each of them you shined.

The days are better

Because you used your mind.

You spread your kind of Love

For everyone to see.

You were controversial

But your soul flies free

Away from worldly strife-

Power and ambition

Into a silent realm

Beyond suspicion.

Do you live forever?

Do you never die?

Your songs they hold me

They make me cry.

The tears stream down my face.

A part of me will never be the same.

John you made it bearable for me

I am so glad that you came.

Life will go on

As you said it must

But your spirit will live on

Beyond this mortal dust.

When I turn on the radio


My emotions start to rise

My feelings start to dance.

Its still not to late

To overcome the hate.

The terrorism the greed.

Mankind must leap across

The fire.


The desire.

No one really knows

Everything you felt inside.

How your little son will grow into a man

Perhaps to turn the tide.

Barriers are falling down

Death is not an end

But just a resting place.

You touched us all

With dignity and grace.

Your head towers above the stars

Your endless spirit soars.

You served us well.

You performed your earthly chores.

Now its 

Time to learn.

We live by what we are.

What we have is what we earn.

No force-Not a dark abyss

Can take that thought away.

The life we leave for those behind

Is the one we live each day.

I’ll miss you as a brother

As a friend

A lamenter full of pain

Who cannot pretend.

Each song you wrote

Each image -each special sound

Traveling through the galaxies

Unlimited without bound.

They were yours

The children that you had to give.

They are you. They breathe.

Through them you will always live.

You touched my World.

© 2002 Stephen John Kalinich.
All Rights Reserved.

Stevie Kalinich at Home with his Art.
Photo by Paul Zollo/American Songwriter.

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