K-Pop Star, Singing Competition Finalist Found Dead at 30

At just 17 years old, K-pop singer Park Bo-ram proved her talents on stage when she competed in the singing competition Super Star K2. Just a high school student, Bo-Ram showcased her love for R&B music. And along the way, she became one of the youngest finalists. Although she finished in eighth place, the singer continued to capture the spotlight as she released a slew of singles like “Please, Stop Me”, “How About U”, and “To My Unloving Self.”  While her stardom seemed to grow with each passing year, news recently surfaced that the singer passed away at just 30 years old. 

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Sharing the tragic news with fans, Bo-ram’s agency, Xanadu Entertainment, released a statement, reading, “Park Bo-ram suddenly passed away late at night on 11 April. All of the artists and executives at Xanadu Entertainment are deeply mourning the deceased with great sadness. The funeral will be held after consulting with the bereaved family…The cause of death is currently being investigated by the police”.

While an investigation is currently underway, reports showed Bo-ram visited a private gathering with a few of her friends on April 11. According to investigators, her friends found Bo-ram unconscious in the bathroom. Taken to a nearby hospital, Bo-ram eventually passed away.  

Park Bo-ram Hoped To Celebrate Her 10th Anniversary With New Album

With fans mourning the loss of the singer, Bo-ram worked on a new album surrounding her 10th anniversary in music. Making her debut in August 2014, the singer released the hit song “Beautiful”, which featured rapper Zico and focused on the lengths she went through to be beautiful. 

Discussing the song with the Weekend Edition Sunday show, Bo-ram said at the time, “I think a lot of people, after listening to this song, were motivated to exercise more, lose weight and diet. I think a big reason is because I put my story into it. Like, one banana, two eggs — eating just that, and you see the results in me, and that was motivating for people.” 

Bo-ram eventually released “Beautiful” on her EP, Celepretty. The song not only gained praise from fans, but it landed her the Artist of the Year honor at the 2014 Gaon Chart Music Awards.

(Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

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