Ashley Cooke Recalls “Wild” First Encounter With Jelly Roll and Him Singing Her Song in the Halls of the Grand Ole Opry

Starting her career in country music just four years ago, Ashley Cooke is already making a name for herself as she released albums like Already Drank That Beer. She also shared songs like “Never Til Now”, which was a duet with Brett Young. Eventually signing with Big Loud, the singer continues to showcase her talents and love for music. And when making her debut at the Grand Ole Opry, it appears that country star Jelly Roll was also in attendance. Recalling the special interaction they shared, Cooke was shocked when Jelly Roll started singing. 

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For any fan of country music, they know the power behind Jelly Roll’s voice. Add his vocal range with his ability to blend music with truth, and there is a reason the singer is on top of country music. But already knowing what he could do behind a mic, Cooke told Taste of Country Night on Demand about meeting the singer at the Opry. “My Opry debut backstage, the lineup was me, Jelly Roll, and Gary LeVox. I was backstage walking through, and Jelly stops me, and he goes ‘Ashley!’”

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Somewhat shocked about hearing her name come from Jelly Roll, Cooke admitted, “I’m like, ‘Hello, Sir Jelly Roll.’” Besides shaking hands, Cooke explained how the singer unexpectedly started to sing one of her songs. And to make it even more surprising, Cooke noted it was a song she put out herself. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Jelly Roll know my song. This is crazy. Kinda caught me off guard. It was so wild and so fun.” 

Jelly Roll Praises Lainey Wilson’s Work Ethic

Besides sharing a special moment with Cooke, Jelly Roll also praised country singer Lainey Wilson and her drive to succeed. He said in 2023, “When I seen her, I could tell she was a little frazzled. I said, ‘You OK?’ She’d just pulled up, she was running late. She was like, ‘Man, I had to wake up at 5 o’clock this morning to catch a flight, and had a layover at such and such for five hours. I leave here and I got a 4 a.m. flight tomorrow to do a corporate show at three in the afternoon, then I gotta fly to another city to do Luke Combs’ [tour].'”

Not knowing how Wilson stayed focused, Jelly Roll insisted, “These were commercial flights. This girl was running on fumes. Her work ethic is next level.”

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