Jelly Roll Reveals Private Katy Perry Discussion That Could Determine Next ‘American Idol’ Judge

While releasing numerous albums over the years, nothing prepared country music for Jelly Roll. Not afraid to share his thoughts and feelings, the country singer used albums like Ballads of the Broken and Whitsitt Chapel to completely take over the genre. Winning several awards along the way, it appears that everybody wants a piece of Jelly Roll. Recently, Katy Perry, who is set to leave American Idol after the season concludes, discussed why the singer should replace her on the show. And apparently, her words weren’t just for cameras as Jelly Roll revealed their discussion backstage. 

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Speaking on Audacy’s K-FROG, Jelly Roll discussed a wide range of topics, but eventually, the conversation turned to American Idol. With Perry pointing to the singer for her replacement, Jelly Roll said he would take the job. “I’ve accepted the job and they haven’t offered it.” And while Perry has been extremely open with her thoughts, Jelly Roll revealed “When we were talking backstage the other day, she tells me this just me and her and my wife. She’s like, ‘I’m telling you, you need to replace me.’”

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Katy Perry Admits Jelly Roll Could Run For President And Get Her Vote

As for his own thoughts about working on American Idol, Jelly Roll explained, “I always love people who are the same way publicly that they are privately. Some people will tell you how great you are privately then won’t post your album. For her to immediately—in the first interview she gets asked—bring me up. I’m like, ‘I love you Katy!’ But that’s just who she is. Katy is one way all the time.”

While praising him behind closed doors, Perry continued to shower the singer with love when she spoke with E! News. At the time she said, “I was convinced at anything he said. He could run for president. He could be my pastor. I might go back to church for him. He could sell me anything. So, to have any of these guys plus Jelly on the show would be amazing.”

Given her years on the show and her expertise, it seems that the producers of American Idol might want to take the advice of their judge and reach out to Jelly Roll. 

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