Kelly Clarkson Shares News of New Single, Covers Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz for ‘Kellyoke’

Before we get to the handful of dazzling performances from Kelly Clarkson and her “Kellyoke” series on The Kelly Clarkson Show, let’s dive into news about her latest single.

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Though there is no set release date for Clarkson’s forthcoming LP, the singer revealed that she has new music on the way, sharing new details about the next single. Clarkson noted that she is working on a new video for the single, which will air on her daytime television show.

“Today, we are shooting the episode in which—I’m trying not to get in trouble here—in which I will be singing a song from a certain new record,” says Clarkson. “We’re doing the episode, so that means it’s coming because we don’t shoot that far in advance. It’s coming and it’s so good.”

She also noted that the writing process for the album was “weird” because she was “really angry or really sad” as she worked on the tracks. So, stay tuned for more new music from Clarkson.

With that as the backdrop, let’s dive into her recent Kellyoke performances. On Monday (March 20), covered the propelling, tense song, “Free,” by Florence + The Machine.

On Tuesday, Clarkson performed the hypnotic dance song, “Gotta Get Thru This” by Daniel Bedingfield. Backed by organ, electric guitars, and a driving drum beat, Clarkson belted the high-register notes like only one of the world’s greatest singers can, giving it a rock feel ‘ta boot.

The following day, Clarkson performed “When I Think of You” by Janet Jackson. (Wouldn’t it be great to see these two duet?) Clarkson handled another dancey track with aplomb.

To conclude the week, Clarkson offered her best for last. She performed the hit rock track “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz, bringing energy, attitude, vibe, and power. The guitar player in her band, Y’all, even played a Flying-V six-string. Check out the stunner below.

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