Lana Del Rey Hilariously Gets Caught in the Crossfire as Taylor Swift Goes Bonkers Over Chiefs Super Bowl Win

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs fought for each yard as they hoped to beat the San Francisco 49ers. With Taylor Swift in attendance to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, the game seemed to favor the 49ers. But in the end, thanks to overtime and Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs are now considered a dynasty as they won their second consecutive Super Bowl. As the final score was shown on the screen, the crowd erupted into cheers with confetti filling the air. At the same time, cameras were quick to show Taylor Swift celebrating the win. But while happy for Kelce, many noticed just how packed her suite was. 

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Sharing the suite with stars like Ice Spice, Keleigh Sperry, and Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey eventually found her way to the VIP room with Swift. And as the room celebrated another victory, Del Rey seemed to be swallowed by the stars.

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Taylor Swift And Lana Del Rey Hug It Out

In a video posted online, cameras caught the exact moment the Chiefs became Super Bowl champions again. While Blake Lively and Ice Spice celebrated, Lana Del Rey seemed to disappear as people danced and jumped around. Fans joked about the video, writing, “Poor gal has peopled too much recently. We aren’t gonna see her for a while now. I get this.” Another fan added, “She just sank into the abyss.” 

While fans laughed over the video, others seemed confused to see both Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey in the same room together. With Swift cheering for the Chiefs, Del Rey is a huge supporter of the 49ers. Although the two artists found themselves on opposite sides of the field, they seemed overjoyed to see each other. Even after the game was over, cameras caught them hugging each other. So while the 49ers didn’t win, at least Del Rey walked away. 

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 (Photo via CBS/Paramount+ stream)

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