Lil Uzi Vert Says ‘The Pink Tape’ Is In Final Stages: “This Time I Promise”

It’s beginning to feel like every Lil Uzi Vert album requires a painstakingly long wait.

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During their set on Sunday (March 5) at Rolling Loud California in Los Angeles, Uzi shared an update about their long-awaited third studio album The Pink Tape. “I know I make y’all wait a long time for music, and I’m so sorry I thought that shit was cool before, but that shit is lame,” they said. “I’m putting the finishing touches on Pink Tape and I promise — and I made a lot of promises in my life — but this time I promise.”

Uzi likely felt the need to emphasize their promise because they have been teasing their highly-anticipated LP for years at this point. In most recent developments, they were seen filming a music video for a song on the album in February, as well as announcing a tour in October 2022 that has still not come to fruition. In fans’ eyes, Uzi is all talk up to this point.

Lil Uzi Vert first mentioned The Pink Tape in July 2021 in a now-deleted tweet that contained only the title of the record. Since then, they have not only released a nine-song preliminary mixtape for the album but also its smash hit lead single.

Red & White (July 2022), first released on SoundCloud and later added to digital streaming platforms, gave fans a glimpse of the eclectic sound Uzi was honing ahead of The Pink Tape. Then in October, his uber-viral single “Just Wanna Rock” provided a stunning, New Jersey-inspired club sound. Further adding to his limitless arsenal of hip-hop subgenres, the track became one of his most successful singles to date.

However, these beloved releases are still bittersweet for fans, as they continue to serve as a reminder that The Pink Tape is still not here, even if they know it will be great. But, with this latest decree at Rolling Loud, it seems Uzi could actually be ready to unleash the tape that’s nearly two years in the making.

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