Abi Carter’s Evanescence Cover Has ‘American Idol’ Fans Crowning Her the Best Contestant in Recent Memory

For most singers who end up auditioning on American Idol, they want nothing more than a chance to prove themselves. While some end up gaining a ticket to Hollywood, Abi Carter set herself apart when she received a platinum ticket that allowed her to skip the first round of Hollywood Week. And since then, the singer has continuously produced stellar performances that traversed numerous genres. Wanting to gain a spot in the finale, Carter decided to take a trip back to 2003 when she performed “Bring Me to Life” from Evanescence. 

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Taking the stage with confidence, Carter showed no signs of struggle as she produced a rousing performance that left judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry shocked. With “Bring Me to Life” a hit song of the time, the singer gained high praise. Back during her audition, Carter insisted, “I have been a fan of American Idol my entire life”. Going from a fan to a contestant, the artist proved herself to be a top talent and a dominating force in the competition. 

Looking at the comments, fans flooded Twitter with support and praise. “I think Abi Carter’s performance was the best of the night. That was phenomenal. I love that song.” Another person added, “This is just a glimpse of how she will perform at sold out concerts around the world. There is Abi Carter and then there is everyone else. That was epic.” And one fan wrote, “Y’all might not like this but I’ma be REAL Abi Carter is the best contestant to come on #AmericanIdol in the ABC era I SAID IT.”

Abi Carter Dreamed Of Being On “American Idol’ Since A Child

With only a few singers moving forward, Carter’s journey seemed to start way before American Idol. First playing the piano at just 7 years old, that moment sparked a dream that continues to carry her through the competition. And speaking with the judges about auditioning for the show, she said, “I’ve been telling myself since I was a kid, when I got old enough, I would do it. So, I guess this is just me doing it.”

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Putting her future into the hands of the viewers, it appears the fans are more than willing to make sure Carter’s dream comes true.

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

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