Luke Bryan’s ‘American Idol’ Season 22 Finale Prediction Is In

The contestants have brought their “A” game during season 22 of American Idol. Only the top 14 remain, and it’s anyone’s guess who will take home the crown. Judge Luke Bryan has a bold prediction, though. The “Play It Again” singer thinks one contestant in particular has consistently delivered “perfect” performances.”

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Who Does Luke Bryan Think Will See the ‘American Idol’ Finale?

With his impressive beard and raspy vocals, Georgia native Will Moseley has drawn some fair comparisons to the GRAMMY-winning Chris Stapleton. The 23-year-old graduated last May from Georgia Southern University with a degree in biology. Upon receiving his diploma, Moseley decided to spend a year pursuing his musical dreams.

“I told myself after I graduated that I was going to give myself a year and go chase music and if it didn’t work out, then I was going to go back and get a real job,” said the first-generation college graduate.

Moseley auditioned with an original song, “Gone for Good.” Not only did the performance punch his ticket to Hollywood, it also landed Moseley on Billboard’s Country Digital Song Sales chart before the show had even wrapped.

Judge Luke Bryan had nothing but praise for Moseley after his Top 20 performance. “You’re spoiling us because you are always just solid, right on the money,” said the five-time country music Entertainer of the Year.

Moseley told Bryan he was 11 months into chasing his Hollywood dreams. Host Ryan Seacrest remarked that the season finale is in May, coinciding with Moseley’s one-year mark.

“Good timing, right?” Moseley said.

Bryan replied, “I think you’ll be in the finale.”

Bryan’s fellow judges also had some praises to sing for Moseley. Lionel Richie loved “the way you do your thing.” Katy Perry acknowledged “destiny is in our hands.”

“You’ve just got to take the step forward, and you did,” the “Hot N’ Cold” singer said. “And I’m so glad you did.”

The Viewers Love Will Moseley, Too

Looking at social media comments, Bryan’s prediction seemed less brash. Many American Idol viewers think he could win it all, too.

“I love his deep voice,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter. “He’s going to be Top 5 maybe THE American idol!”

Another fan wrote, “Exercising my superpower of accurately calling the American Idol winner each year early. This year the winner will be Will Moseley.”

Tune in next Monday to see if Moseley’s dream continues to the Top 10.

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