Morrissey Releases Three Previously Unheard Demos

Morrissey has shared two previously unheard demos, “You Don’t Need Their Approval,” “Once Upon A Woman’s Body,” and “If Saturday Ever Comes,” on his official website.

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Posted with the title “Lost Demo,” Morrissey released the previously recorded tracks with full lyrics for each without any information on the year the songs were recorded. All three were uploaded to YouTube by the artist’s nephew Sam Etsy Rayner.

Singing of unrequited love—You went soft too soon and she said ‘that’s OK – I’ll find someone who… isn’t you—on, “Once Upon A Woman’s Body,” Morrissey reflects on death on “If Saturday Ever Comes,” crooning There’s a passing bell tolling the knell and an urn awaiting your turn / There’s a boneyard stuffed to overflow rest assured.

Taking a darker tone musically, “You Don’t Need Their Approval” is fixed around a more genial notion of Smile and wave and always be friendly but you don’t need their approval for anything / You want to sing about Smile and wave and always be gentle.

In October, Morrissey revisited some older works by ranking his solo albums and The Smiths releases from best to worst with his 10th album World Peace Is None of Your Business from 2014 topping the list, along with 2006 release Ringleader of the Tormentors in second place, and You Are The Quarry (2004) in third place.

When it came to his former band The Smiths, the band’s 1984 compilation Louder Than Bombs and final studio album Strangeways in 1987 ranked the highest for the singer. 

Morrissey is currently working on his new album, Bonfire of Teenagers, which he called “the best album of my life,” and will mark his first release since leaving BMG. 

Photo: Jim Dyson

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