Morrissey Purchases the Rights Back for Two Albums After “Bloody War” With Capitol Records

Starting his career back in the 1970s, Morrissey eventually found himself in the spotlight when he joined the rock band the Smiths. Although only active in the band from 1982 to 1987, the singer didn’t leave the stage as he pursued a prosperous solo career. Releasing several albums throughout the decades, Morrissey entered a legal battle with Capitol Records after his newest album Bonfire of Teenagers never released. Now, it appears that Morrissey took matters into his own hands, purchasing the rights back for two of his albums. 

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Sharing an update about his fight with Capitol Records, Morrissey shared a post on his website that read, “Morrissey has paid the exit fee to Capitol Records in order to return both WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS albums back to him.” The singer added, “It’s been a long, hard, bloody war. Few would make it out alive, and … I’m no exception. Morrissey remains unsigned.”

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For Bonfire of Teenagers, Capitol scheduled a release for 2023, but the album never hit shelves after Morrissey explained he had “voluntarily withdrawn from any association with Capitol Records.” And to make matters worse, the singer shared details on working with Miley Cyrus on the track “I Am Veronica.” Helping with the backup vocals, Cyrus eventually asked the singer to remove her vocals from the song. 

Morrissey Worked With Numerous Stars On ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’

Although no longer featuring Cyrus, Bonfire of Teenagers supposedly features top talents like Iggy Pop and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Speaking about the long road to get the album released, Morrissey said, “It’s been quite traumatic and quite sad because when you record something, you want it to be available immediately and it was very much of the time. For me, it was a very personal thing and the fact that it hasn’t been released has been torture.” 

With Morrissey buying back the albums, fans anxiously await to see what the future has in store for the singer and his unreleased album. Outside of his legal battles, Morrissey hinted at two special concerts scheduled to promote the re-release of his 1993 live album Beethoven Was Deaf, which happens in July. 

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