FIREROSE & Billy Ray Cyrus Collaborate for a Post-Pandemic “New Day”

Australian singer/songwriter FIREROSE and country star Billy Ray Cyrus released a new single titled “New Day,” out now (July 2). The tune combines elements of indie pop and country, creating a unique sound of two very different performers.

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The new song is an uplifting anthem promising the dawning of a better age. After a difficult past year with the pandemic, FIREROSE felt it was time to release a song that spreads some positivity and light, promising better times. “We’ve all been through this collective experience over the past year or so that’s been challenging for everyone for different reasons. And it’s really kind of a timely song about bringing a positive new day to people around the world,” FIREROSE tells American Songwriter.

“I love this lyric in the chorus, I’m moving again / I’m breathing again / And it’s a new day; it pretty much sums it up,” she continues. “I couldn’t really imagine that for a lot of last year. And now it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re gonna get to live together again, and we’re gonna get to breathe together again!'”

FIREROSE initially wrote most of the song alone, before the pandemic and during a challenging personal time, but ended up feeling that the message of the single needed to be released now. She turned to her longtime friend Billy Ray Cyrus to help complete the single, and he added his ever-special country flair.

The two met on the set of Hannah Montana ten years prior, and have kept in contact ever since. With FIREROSE in L.A. and Billy Ray in Tennessee, they co-wrote the song over Zoom and recorded it using other virtual platforms. The music video was also shot with various frames taken from a FaceTime chat.

Cyrus also sang FIREROSE’s praises, saying, “I learned a long time ago, persistence is to the quality of character of a human being, as carbon is to steel. FIREROSE is the very definition of persistence, combined with a tremendous amount of talent as a songsmith, vocalist and producer. Her persistence has paid off, she’s getting her chance. That’s all you can ever ask for in this business. She earned it. She never gave up. I admire that.”

Watch the music video for “New Day” below.

Photo Credit: Haley Moriva

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