On Twitter, Cher Starts Getting Political: “Held My Tongue Long Enough”

On Tuesday night, legendary recording artist and fashion icon Cher took to Twitter to start voicing her mind on the state of America’s tense political climate, especially so far as it relates to the partisan undertakings of Congress and the White House.

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“Held my tongue long enough, but fk [sic] it,” the 75-year-old began, writing in a blend of all caps and emojis. “Do Dems need a house to fall on their sisters before they see what’s coming? [I] guess ‘[American flag emoji] terrorists’ yelling ‘Hang Pence, kill Pelosi’ isn’t enough. If GOP takes power, it’ll be ‘total power.’ It’s [a] ‘whites’ only club—BLM, Jews, Asians [and] minorities are in Germany style peril.”

Responses to the “Believe” singer were mixed—of her 3.9 million followers, many agreed with her assessment of the undeniably tense situation, while others were quick to point out that just a few minutes after her initial Tweet went out, Winsome Sears—a Republican—became the first woman and person of color elected as Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.

Cher returned to Twitter around an hour later with more thoughts. “Joe [Biden] works tirelessly to work with Congress and pass bills to help everyday Americans, and he’s hit from Dems on [the] right and left,” she wrote, again in her all-caps style. “They cause gridlock, while GOP sits and plans how to pick our bones clean if we fail. GOP are Nazis in lockstep. It’s [the] difference between democracy and dictatorship.”

Shortly after, Cher returned again to set her sights on someone she’s voiced her distaste for in the past: former President Donald Trump. 

“Trump and his flying monkeys have only one purpose: the destruction of the Democratic Party, to take everything from the poor and inconsequential and give it to billionaires,” she wrote. “If GOP get in again, they’ll break rules they haven’t yet broken.”

Throughout the rest of the evening, Cher shared several more thoughts, commenting on the January 6 “insurrection” of the Capitol, anti-Hillary Clinton sentiments, and her view of America’s own form of a “dictatorship.” At one point, she doubled down on a previous statement: “Republican politicians are Nazis in lockstep,” she wrote. “Hindenburg thought he could control Hitler like McConnell and McCarthy thought they could control Trump. How Trump thinks he can control his father-than-far-right suppliants, who [knows], but beware the Ides of March.”

The news comes three weeks after Cher filed a $1-million federal lawsuit against former Rep. Mary Bono, the widow of Cher’s former husband and musical partner, Sonny Bono. Cher claims Bono attempted to terminate provisions granting her 50% of the royalties from Sonny & Cher’s catalog and the assets from her own marriage to Sonny Bono (which ended in divorce in 1975). 

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