Panic at the Disco Members Declare Mutiny, Form Young Veins

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Less than a month after disbanding, both former and current members of Panic! at the Disco have released new tracks to their respective MySpace pages, signaling a battle for their fans. In early June, guitarist and primary songwriter Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker left the band, each citing incompatibility with the current musical direction. Moving quickly, the pair teamed in the studio with producer Rob Mathes, the producer of the last Panic album, Pretty Odd, to release a new song and name. Now going by the name The Young Veins, Ross and Walker have released the track “Change” to their new MySpace page. Co-producer Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet also worked on the track and contributed guitar. In the announcement, The Young Veins also mentioned, “We are currently in the studio finishing up our first album.”

The two remaining members of Panic at the Disco (who dropped the exclamation point from their name in 2008), frontman Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith, also debuted a new track, called “New Perspective” yesterday, on their redesigned MySpace page. Urie and Smith, however, made the announcement of a new track over a week ago, while Ross and Walker waited until Monday night, which leaves fans to guess which group is more upset about the break up. Urie and Smith recorded “New Perspective” for the soundtrack to the upcoming film, Jennifer’s Body.

Fans can check out The Young Vines track at and Panic at the Disco’s track at Judging by the numbers, it appears The Young Vines need all the help they can get in the play count war as Panic at the Disco is currently winning the count by almost 230 million to 100 thousand.


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