Reba McEntire in Awe of the New Wave of Singers, Says “I Doubt I Would’ve Made It Out of Oklahoma” Nowadays

While holding a spot in country music for nearly 50 years, Reba McEntire knows the music industry inside and out. Besides winning awards and releasing over 30 albums, the country star hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards a staggering 16 times. And on May 16, she will once again take the stage to host the awards. Excited about the opportunity, Reba recently discussed her career in music and how the new waves of artists have a level of confidence she admires. 

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Speaking with The Dallas Morning News, Reba explained how she was happy to get into country music when she did. “I’m very grateful I got the slow start I did. It took me from ‘76 to ‘83 to get a number one record. I knew nothing about the business, and people around me taught me and mentored me. I wasn’t thrown into the deep end of the pool.” While having coached on The Voice, the hitmaker knows what the future of music looks like and according to her, “Their confidence level is astounding. It’s like they’ve been doing it all their lives.”

Although many aspiring artists would love to have the success of Reba, she explained that in music today, “I doubt I would’ve made it out of Oklahoma.” 

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Reba McEntire Shares Her Thoughts On Award Shows

Always willing to help artists gain their footing, Reba even hired Brittney Spencer to open some of her shows. When detailing what it was like to spend time with the icon, Spencer noted, “There’s so much I learned from Reba, and she didn’t say a word. Even learning the etiquette of how to handle yourself or how to handle other people — it’s been artists like her that have been very instrumental.”

Outside of performing on stage and releasing new songs, Reba is excited to return to the ACM Awards to host. While some might not enjoy award shows, the singer saw them as a great way to promote music. “I always thought that award shows were the greatest promotion and publicity. To get nominated, to be able to sing your song on TV, is very beneficial to a person’s career, no matter what level you’re at.” 

While coaching on The Voice and hosting the ACM Awards, Reba continues to prove herself to be more than a singer, but a master of time. Don’t miss the ACM Awards, airing live on May 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Prime Video.

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