After 14 Years, Kelly Clarkson Sings This Fan-Favorite Song—and Fans Can’t Hide Their Happy Tears

On a recent episode of her daytime talk show, Kelly Clarkson performed her fan-favorite Kellyoke segment. Yet, this time she went classic, performing one of her own songs. She whipped out “Cry” from her 2009 album All I Ever Wanted, delivering a clear-as-a-bell rendition complete with octave jumps and her signature belts.

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Fans clamored in the comments of the YouTube video to share their love for Clarkson and the song. “How is it possible that her voice is just getting better with time? What a vocal goddess!” one fan gushed.

Another wrote, “This song is so beautiful and this arrangement is mind blowing. This intro is just so moving and feel like this explains Kelly’s heart like she is just willing to sit back and take all the pain to save someone else’s name. You never hear her talk bad or slam anyone else no matter how bad she gets hurt.”

Multiple fans noted Clarkson’s background singer, Jessi, looking particularly proud as Clarkson sang, hitting the high notes with precision. Another fan wrote, “The way that this is even better than the actual recording is just astounding.”

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Fans Lament the Fact That Kelly Clarkson’s “Cry” was Never Released as a Single

While “Cry” appeared on the album, it was never released as a single, except in Australia and Germany. Some fans lamented that fact, wishing it had been able to chart in the U.S. and elsewhere abroad.

“One of my top 5 Kelly songs and it’s such a tragedy this was never a single. Loved the musical arrangement of the [original] version too,” one fan wrote. Others continued to comment on her vocal talents, writing, “Once again she Kelly Clarkson’d herself,” and “Her voice is like butter. So soft and rich! Literally sounds like the studio version but even better!”

“Cry” is a classic for many fans, and tells the story of betrayal. Allegedly, it was inspired by a real friendship gone bad in Kelly Clarkson’s life, and she channeled that energy into writing the song. According to Clarkson, it’s a power ballad but was written as a waltz, and was “very much influenced by country,” as she told Rolling Stone in 2015.

Further speaking with Rolling Stone, she said, “With [‘Cry’], I went through a really sh–ty thing with someone who betrayed me. When I started writing the song I was like, ‘I’m gonna write this like it’s a guy and a relationship,'” claiming that people usually relate more to songs about relationship betrayals. Clarkson also described it as “the most personal song on the album” in a 2009 interview with PopEater.

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