Sebastian Bach Points Out Fan, Rants About Skid Row at Recent Concert

It feels like it was only a month ago that Sebastian Bach teased a potential reunion with his former band, Skid Row. And that’s because it was only a month ago. Now, it looks like Bach’s changed his mind after an on-stage rant about the band during a recent solo performance at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

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At a June 4th show, Bach heard a fan shout “Skid Row” during his performance. Bach latched right on.

“Yeah, that’s the band that kicked me out,” Bach said over the crowd. “Yeah, killer. F***ing a**holes.”

As the show progressed, Bach wasn’t interested in letting it go. He noticed someone in the audience was wearing a Skid Row shirt featuring one of the band’s many singers from throughout the years. It isn’t clear which singer it was, only that it was one of several who took over after Bach departed the band in 1996.

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“I’m fascinated by this shirt right here,” Bach said, pointing out the fan. “This is Skid Row with what number singer? Seven? Eight? Nine? What number is that guy? Huh? What number? Is that replacement number seven? Or number eight? Or number nine?”

And, no, Bach didn’t stop there. His rant continued.

“And before you say, ‘Well they don’t have nine,’ I can f***ing name every f***ing one of them. How do you even wear that? It’s like, ridiculous. Is that the guys from Dragonforce? Or f***ing TNT? Or whatever the f***. F***ing embarrassing.”

There’s a video of the interaction, too, for your entertainment.

Is Skid Row Ever Going To Plan a Reunion With Sebastian Bach?

No matter what Sebastian Bach or anyone else says, it’s doubtful that a reunion will ever happen. Skid Row’s founding and current guitarist Dave Sabo made it very clear that an OG Skid Row reunion wasn’t going to happen in this lifetime.

“It’s not gonna happen,” Sobo said on a podcast recently. “And I say the same thing every time every time. …There’s three of us, myself, Scotti and Rachel, who’ve had conversations about this, and we’ve all been on the same page that we don’t wanna go down that road again. We just, we don’t.”

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