Song Premiere: Catie Curtis, “Flying Dream”

Catie Curtis
The Song: “Flying Dream,” the title track off of her new album, out this month.
The Artist: Catie Curtis, a Boston-based folk songstress.
Fun Fact: Flying Dream was co-written with and produced by Sugarland’s Kristen Hall.
Sounds Like: A warm, ethereal track with soft vocals and a very encouraging message.
Songwriter Says: “Kristen and I sat down to write shortly after I returned from a family trip to Guatemala, where my kids were born, and where we’d had a magical visit with the kids’ birth mothers and siblings.  I told Kristen the trip was like a dream, and I kept hoping it was real.  We talked about the expression “Don’t look down in the flying dream,” and decided to write from there.  Kristen started playing these major 7th chords and they established the tone of the song.  I kept veering off in different directions with the rhythm and groove, and Kristen kept steering me back to the feel that you hear on this track.  I’m so glad she did, because I love how it turned out!”

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Hall adds, “Flying Dream” has an almost  mantra-like quality and is, lyrically, about being brave in the midst of one of  those delicious moments when life is so beautiful that it feels fragile and terrifying.”

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