St. Vincent publishes ‘The St. Vincent Gazette’ with Enhanced Album

St. Vincent’s sixth studio album celebrated with an enhanced album

Following last week’s launch of St. Vincent’s daddy-themed Enhanced Playlist, Spotify is continuing to celebrate the release of St. Vincent’s universally-acclaimed sixth studio album, Daddy’s Home, with both an enhanced album and the publication of The St. Vincent Gazette, a bespoke newspaper created in collaboration with Annie.

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As a companion piece to the album, the St. Vincent Gazette includes a 70’s design-inspired curation of Daddy’s Home lyrics, comics, a crossword, and a letter from the editor, Annie herself, which can be read online here, with print versions being sent to some of her top fans.

Spotify is also giving fans more access to the Grammy Award winning artist, with today’s launch of St. Vincent Presents Daddy’s Home, the Enhanced Album. Featuring exclusive Spotify Clips as well as using Spotify’s Canvas and Storylines functions, the multimedia Enhanced Album provides an in-depth glimpse into the  Daddy’s Home universe with anecdotes including: 

On what inspired the album’s sound: “The sound on Daddy’s Home is very much inspired by the sound of downtown New York from 1971 to 1976. After the flower children’s idealism had crumbled but before the escapism of gay disco or the nilhism of punk. There was this melding of rock and jazz and funk and soul music happening. The times were bad but the music was great.” 

On the album creation process: “With every album I make, I really want to continue to tell the story of the album with the visual side. So everything from how the color scheme feels to how I look should continue to tell the story of the music. So I kind of look at all like every bit of it is me and inside of me. It’s just a question of which parts of my personality I turn up or down for each record.”

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