Steve Poltz Releases Animated Video for “Quarantine Blues”


Steve Poltz

Songwriter/humorist Steve Poltz has released an animated lyric video for his new digital single “Quarantine Blues.” The video follows a sprawling, many-versed litany of pretty much every single Covid experience you’ve gone through, plus the sort of experiences you’d have to enter Poltz’s alternative world to even think of. 

Poltz is known for his unhinged live performances, incredible way with a comedic lyric and ability to spin a ripping tale. But he outdoes himself with “Quarantine Blues,” rhyming “gun” with “man bun” and “Miley Cyrus” with “coronavirus.”                                   
For a touring artist who’s spent the past two decades touring 300 days a year, Poltz saw his world radically change following the pandemic stay-at-home mandates. After riding out the tornado that impacted his East Nashville neighborhood, he and his wife decided to drive cross country at the height of the lockdown to spend the summer in San Diego near his 90-year-old widowed dad, Joe.

Nagged by his landlord to “write a quarantine song,” Poltz holed up in Jason Mraz’s home studio (Mraz plays organ on the track) with local music scene mainstay Jeff Berkley and came up with the stream of-conscious hilarity that is “Quarantine Blues.”
Steve Poltz, “Quarantine Blues”

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