Stevie Nicks Pens Heartfelt Note to Brittney Griner: “Welcome Home”

On Thursday (December 8), fans of WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner got some good news.

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“Griner is safe. She is on a plane. She is on her way home,” wrote President Biden on Twitter, talking about her return to the United States.

Griner had been detained for almost a full year in a Russian prison for allegedly being in possession of a small amount of cannabis. The United States Government said she was detained unjustly. Now, she is back on U.S. soil, finally able to reunite with her loved ones after the harrowing year.

With that, someone else wanted to share her support of Griner—legendary songwriter and performer, Stevie Nicks, who took to Twitter on Thursday to write a note to Griner.

“Welcome home Brittney Griner! I found out at 5:30 this morning that you were ‘in the air’ on your way home. I am crying, seriously, and just so happy that you have been released. You are free~Today is a beautiful day… Love Stevie Nicks.”

It was a warm welcome, one of many Griner received on the day by droves of fans and followers.

There had been worry she might have to stay in Russia for some time, serving nine years in a possible Russian prison camp. (Read more on those conditions HERE.) However, that is no longer in play.

The note from Nicks to Griner comes on the heels of Nicks penning a similar note of praise and congratulations to the artist Lizzo after the singer wowed audiences at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this week.

Nicks praised Lizzo for her display that night as she brought 17 activists, advocates, justice-seekers, and people’s champions onto the stage and into the spotlight. The “About Damn Time” artist spent the entirety of her acceptance speech naming each person and highlighting the work they are doing for others.

“Dearest Lizzo,” Nicks addressed the star on social media. “In my opinion – your presentation last night on the People’s Choice Awards was not only so beautiful and so needed – that you get the award for being a great woman of our time.

“I was so impressed and so touched that you put that together and pulled it off. It was stunning – and everyone heard you. You have given all women soundbites forever—flute player, singer, songwriter, future politician…?”

She concluded her heartfelt message with “Your name is in the stars now – Much love, Stevie Nicks.”

Read more about Lizzo’s speech HERE.

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