Stream Eden Brent’s New Album Jigsaw Heart

eden brent
The Artist: Mississippi jazz and blues artist Eden Brent
The Album: Jigsaw Heart, out May 6.
Fun Fact: We’ll be debuting her sister Bronwynne’s album later this month.
Liner Notes: “I’ve never recorded in Nashville before and my sister lived here while I spent some time and Nashville is Music City so I wanted to record here and the collection of musicians. There’s just so many great musicians and all kinds of musicians here. I think the styles that you hear in Nashville are more varied. In Nashville, there’s a whole lot of different kinds of music. There’s a lot of great jazz here. Great country, I think, is probably was Nashville is most noted for.

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I wanted for this project more availability of some folk or country style instruments and just see how maybe that would make my sound a little different and make me grow a little.”

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